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    Everything. I am curious as a cat. But I do play a lot of music. And I love to animate and composite stuff...
  1. Thanks you guys. All too kind words. And I will have to add that I think that the motion of the deer is almost too smooth for its own good. I kind of got caught up in the moment there. haha.
  2. After finishing up at the pictoplasma last week, I was so fired up with inspiration that I tore 2 days out of the calendar to do the following: That is how motion graphics looked back in the day!
  3. I just uploaded my new 2010 Reel. I haven't done a reel for almost 3 years, and I was devastated to find out how how little of my previous work has survived the tooth of time. Give it a looker and let me have it. http://www.understan...e.blogspot.com/ Grz Christen Bach Rock'n'Roll Animation www.christen.dk www.understandingspace.blogspot.com
  4. I just did a Making of of the video with all the bits and pieces back from 2007. I dont know if it is interesting to anyone, but heres the clip:
  5. Bach

    Global warming

    I recently made this small viral clip on Global Warming for World Climate Community. Unfortunately there was no economics involved and it is made in a matter of a couple of days, so bare with the SFX part. Oh and I almost forgot. Send a lot of love and admiration to Alexa Anasuya and Christoph Drobig, the two amazing actors that agreed upon spending a day with me and Eva Kamsteeg (Hair and makeup) to do this clip. They are amazing... And of course the good people at Kaiserbrand who let me spend the nights on their machinery, because my own was clogged away somewhere in Copenhagen.
  6. Bach

    Introducing 1der

    My brain just hung up...
  7. Bach

    Julie Bach 'Ulmedyr'

    It is good allright. There is a picture on the top of the page and right under it it says 'click to enter' Heres a direct link: http://www.jetsetmodels.info/news.htm Yes. I recently moved to Berlin, and the markeds here are stuffed with old, really cheap, analogue lenses. My girlfriend is not a fan. But they are so much fun to play around with...
  8. Bach

    Julie Bach 'Ulmedyr'

    It was my first real test playing around with my Canon hv30 and a DIY dof-adapter (I build it myself with a ton of good advice from www.jetsetmodels.info). I customised it to fit the old Olympus OM lenses, since my mom had a ton of them laying around from her good old photographer days. It is shot in SD and I used following lenses; Zuiko 50mm - 1:1.8 Soligor 80-200mm - 1:4,5 And an old Erno 28-70mm - 1:3,5-4,5
  9. Just a fun, tiny project I did with my Hv30 and a Dof-adapter. For Julie Bach's amazing hair and broche accesories... Took about a day to complete and composite. There was a bit of rig removal and grading inthere, but nothing too serious... http://www.vimeo.com/4707725
  10. I completely agree. He was singing along, but I think that the guitar threw him off balance. (Or he is just lacking in the miming department.
  11. Hey Mographers... I just finished up a music video, we shot almost 2 years ago. But because of a ton of other projects, a fulltime job on a feature (and a great deal of procrastination) I havent been able to finish it up before now. It has been with me for so long now, that I've got no idea how the clip is. Smash it, trash it - or give it a nice pad on the head. I am really interrested in opinions... It is shot on low lighting DV with a standard low-budget DV-cam (last time I do that again), and graded and comped in After Effects. All hands are manipulated 2d images (Build out of snapshots of my girlfriends feet). http://www.vimeo.com/4389639 There you go... Hope you enjoy Christen
  12. Yes, I completely agree with all of the above. Amazing, professional work. Impressive. The only thing I didn't like in your Reel was the "best-in-class... IN ALL AREAS" - Let the good work speak for it self... I've got no idea how good the rest of your class is, but you certainly deliver.
  13. Hi You guys... Yet another Showreel to hit this forum. Praise it, hate it. Do whatever you want with it - but let me know. I am curious as a cat... looking forward to an opinion... www.christen.dk/Showreel2007cb.mov Take care outthere... Christen Bach Rock'N'Roll Animator www.christen.dk
  14. Haha. I liked it... Youre quite heavy in the 2D department. Nice style...
  15. It is a bit of mixed media. There is no 3D inthere though. The globe, Mr Abbeys face/hands and Eva is real life footage. The rest is basically a big photoshop patchwork, spread out in 3D layers in After Effects, and then individually 2D-composite-animated.
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