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  1. I actually tried this approach at midnight last night. The problem I ran into was with the fps. All my Canon 1280x720 timelines are 30fps. The NTSC DV sequence was 29.97fps. When I dropped in the 30fps sequences my motion tracks got all out of whack. If I use this approach as a backup can I set the NTSC DV sequence to be 30fps and then just leave it up to FCP and/or Compressor to give me the 29.97fps? Any foreseeable glitches in going this route?
  2. NTSC anamorphic - okay, that makes some sense to me. I followed your steps, except I'm now in DVDSP and I can't find the "this is an anamorphic DVD" check box. In the Outline tab, when I click on "Track 1" it says the display mode is "16:9 Letterbox." Is that it? Thanks tons for your help with this.
  3. I'll take all the help I can get. I've been beating my head against the wall for the last 48 hours. I've got layers and layers of Canon 5DM2 footage in After Effects - this footage has already been converted from H.264 1920x1080 -> Photo JPEG 1280x720, just to make things flow more smoothly in AE (eventually the client's going to want the 1280x720 version for YouTube HD - that's why I'm sticking with those particular dimensions, but for now they just need it on DVD). So, I export out of AE as QT Photo JPEG 1280x720 Square 30fps w/ field render off. I then bring this into Final Cut for some more editing and audio. FCP recognizes the footage as being Photo JPEG 1280x720 Square 30fps and sets up the timeline appropriately. So, I then export this sequence to Compressor and use "DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes." Compressor spits it out as 720x480. I import the m2v & audio files from Compressor into DVD Studio and burn a DVD. The DVD looks great on my computer, but it's stretched on my TV. My DVD player was purchased in 2002. My TV was built in 1997. Is this the issue? I know it may sound absurd, but I'll pay someone to help me with this if it's overly complicated. Yes, knowledge is free, but time is money.
  4. What if my DVD player isn't taking care of the rest (perhaps it's too old?). When I export out of FCP using Compressor for DVD, slap everything together in DVD Studio Pro, and then play it on my TV, it's stretched. I even did a test where I placed a circle over the footage in FCP. On my TV the circle turns into an oval. The DVD looks fine on my computer, though. Sao Bento - I will send you $$$ through PayPal if you can help me solve this riddle!
  5. What do you do if the client wants the final product on DVD, and you know they're going to be viewed on a TV screen and a computer screen? Doesn't the whole non-square vs. square pixel thing muck things up? I've never understood how to work around this.
  6. I'm stuck doing a slideshow for a client. I've got 50+ photos that I'll probably drop into AE, convert to 3D and pan across/forward/back. Simple Ken Burns type of effect. But I'm wondering what else I can do? Anyone know of any cool slideshow techniques? I need some inspiration - transitions, camera moves, lighting, etc. I'm wanting to blow their socks off this year so that they've give me a little more creative freedom next year. Wishful thinking, perhaps. BTW - the client is fairly conservative. ------------------------ When I say "techniques" I don't mean the packaged crap like "Acrobat Cube" or "Photo Peel." I just want to make a cool looking slideshow!
  7. Well, I watched Lloyd Alvarez's tutorials. As instructed I downloaded 3D Text Creator and copied in 50 "Famous People" names. Lloyd's script is really great for bringing a lot of text into AE and dispersing it randomly on the X, Y and Z axis. But I had to manually move any names that were appearing in my camera view at Frame 0. So, I did that, and then I keyframed the position of all 50 layers at Frame 0. Then at 7 seconds I had to position all 50 text layers to be somewhat near the center of the screen. Here's the test run ... Famous People Floating Text movie So, I just had a conference call with the client. She upped the number of names to 300+ (and promised me she wouldn't go over 400). I dread using the above approach with nearly 400 layers. Am I missing something in Lloyd's tutorials? Is there some script that can push all my layers OFF SCREEN, and then position them all back in the middle of the screen 7 seconds later? I tried the Particular route. I precomped all 50 names. Then I set the particle type = custom, and layer = text precomp, but I can't get it to work. Here's the file ... AE CS4 particular file Honestly, I'm not looking for an easy solution. If I have to manually set the position for 400 layers, then so be it. I just want to make sure I've tested all my other options before going that route.
  8. That AE TUTS tutorial looks really great! I'll watch it before my lunch break. Thanks tons for pointing it out.
  9. I have between 150-200 names of conference attendees that I need to have float/fly in from off screen towards the center to reveal the company logo. The names do NOT need to actually form the logo. The logo will be a mask that the names, in a sense, fill up. I created this graphic as an example ... I want the names to fly in from every axis: X, Y and Z. And I'd like to have control over speed, velocity, etc, just so I can play around with different variations. I'm sure there's no simple way to do this. I'm just curious to hear how some of you might approach it. I have AE+Particular and C4D+MoG.
  10. "Adobe on Wednesday announced plans to cut approximately 600 full-time jobs in response to less-than-anticipated earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter of 2008. In its preliminary financial results, Adobe said demand for its Creative Suite 4 products was weaker than expected, and suggested the economy was a factor in the company's revenue shortfall. " The economy, or the fact that CS4 SUCKS?
  11. I get the same error message as Havok. And get this - this error message shows up when I open Encore CS4, too. Pretty funny. I emailed Red Giant about this last week. Here's their response: "That's very unusual indeed. Encore definitely shouldn't be doing anything with Looks. I've been reading about some CS4 issues and it looks like some bugs are still being tracked down. (We're not sure if its caused by Adobe or our plugins). We're going to keep looking into this issue, we will update our plugins and let you know when we a solution is found. Sorry for any inconvenience."
  12. spirozero

    5 Top Jobs

    They're out to get you, better leave while you can Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man You wanna stay alive, better do what you can So beat it, just beat it
  13. Good one. I like what this guy has to say about 28K ... "Lay a 14-story office building on its side in your mind. That's roughly the fucking native resolution of 28K."
  14. "Wall Street has ended a wild session with its best showing of the week after investors went in search of bargains among stocks devastated by seven days of massive losses. The Nasdaq composite index finished with a modest gain, while the Dow Jones industrials lost 126 points, a relataively mild drop after the blue chips fell 2,271 during the previous eight trading days." Crazy to think that a 126 point drop is the "best showing of the week." Good grief. Still, it's better than a 800 point drop.
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