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  1. I looked through no-spec, and I honestly don't see how this could be catergorized as speculative work. I am not "working" for anyone, nor attempting to get some sort of compensation, except in the form of a good grade in a high school class. Maybe I do not really understand the point of no-spec.com. I was really looking for some feedback as to how to improve on what I am doing instead of simply letting me know that it is typical, stupid, student work. Perhaps I am on the wrong forum, since this probably could not be classified as a motion graphic as opposed to a composite? In which case, could any alternative communities be suggested?
  2. A project I did for school. Its not strictly motion graphics in the beginning, and I just replicated those at the end, but I would love feedback nevertheless. The only thing that still needs to be done is narration and music (since the one on it now is from the real commercial) www.belgumboys.net/flitchfilms/comcast.html thanks.
  3. Oh. I feel dumb. Yay for presets that I don't look at. Oh well, I got it to work anyways and learned a few things about particle playground along the way. That's what counts right?
  4. I am working on a short clip where a man straps a rocket to the back of a wagon and shoots himself off screen. For safety reasons (no duh), the jet of flame and smoke are being done in post. The flame itself is no problem, but I am having trouble with the smoke. As of right now, I'm just using particle playground to create the smoke. It looks....Ok. The biggest problem I am having is the smoke is floating off way too soon. I was wondering if there is any way of coaxing it to stay in the shot of a second or two? Or perhaps a whole other approach to the thing? I'm not all that experience with particles. (particle playground is the only particle plugin I have) -flitch
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