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  1. Hi I am trying to run Collage.jsx (from Motion Boutique) in Ae CC 2014. It's throwing the following error Unable to execute script at line 2835. Object of type function found where a number, array or property is needed. This is the code for line 2835 if(isFinite(eval('1'+numeric.ops2[k]+'0'))) A = '[Y[0],Y[1],numeric.'+k+'(X,Y[2])]'; This line of code is originally from numeric.js, does anyone have any idea why this might not be working in Ae?! Thanks!
  2. I don't think there's a one click solution. I would suggest you try in psd. Use the magic wand and then use Refine Edge to get a nice clean selection. 1. Apply the selection as a layer mask (icon in bottom of layers palette). That will isolate just the black lines. 2. To add the inside space to your mask, select the mask in the layers palette - and use the polygonal lasso tool to click select roughly around your inside area... and then flood fill with alt backspace to add to the mask. You can view the mask and paint it by hand by alt clicking on the mask in layers palette to view it in black and white Good luck, I would also love to hear if there is a faster way!
  3. Hello A question for UK based designers - do any of you possess a Lorimer letter from HMRC? Is this a standard requirement in freelance broadcast work? Web searches reveal I just need to apply for one, just curious to know from other people in this field. Thanks.
  4. Hello A question for UK based designers - do any of you possess a Lorimer letter from HMRC? Is this a standard requirement in freelance broadcast work? Web searches reveal I just need to apply for one, just curious to know from other people in this field. Thanks.
  5. Well Adobe won't let me have a serial number for CS3, because they no longer sell CS3. Fortunately my client is going to upgrade to CS5 so we can all work together. Problem solved for now... I know it's going to crop up again though.
  6. I recently started freelancing, and purchased CS5 Production Premium. I have now had a couple of requests to work in CS3. Does anyone have experience of using your CS5 registration on CS3? Is it possible? Permissable? Can I keep CS5 on my machine or does it need to be deactivated and uninstalled? I hope not. Thanks
  7. it wooooooorks! alt+fn+shift up / down Thanks a million for your help on this one.
  8. Am I being supremely thick here?! (Probably!) But I really don't think my mbp keyboard has page up / page down. Only the arrow keys up/down. Someone put me out of my misery here! Is it me or the keyboard that is missing something? And if it's the keyboard, is there a workaround please?
  9. That combination moves the layer up or down, ie, layer 3 moves up and becomes layer 2, or moves down and becomes layer 4. I want to move a layer 10 frames forwards or back in time...
  10. Tiny thing, but I'm really stuck. Can you still move a layer in AE CS5? I used to use AE CS3 on a PC and used Alt+Page Down / Alt+Shift+Page Down, but can't find a way in CS5 on a standard MBP keyboard... Thanks.
  11. That looks like the kind of solution that's going to work for me. Thanks very much Todd.
  12. Quite so AromaKat, you did warn me!
  13. Thanks all for your help with this. I actually found the "tweaking the code" route a flipping nightmare. I think I started off with the same style template as you Trione (f8 light?). But over the weekend an update to the style template was released, and I, without thinking chose to install. Needless to say, I had not backed up my files. Lost all the tweaks to layout and buttons etc made in the style editor. So in the end went for the very simple Hybrid style template, and it's just fine. Big r-e-s-p-e-c-k to anyone who goes the code fiddling route!
  14. I love my new MBP, but am really missing the numeric keypad. It's essential for Ae work... can anyone recommend a solution? There are cheapo USB ones on amazon, and apple store sell a bluetooth calculator style one... Do they work with After Effects? Would I be better off with a full keyboard?
  15. While we're on this English / American thing.... The name MOGRAPH when said in English (sans US accent) sounds way too posh, mo grarf. Doesn't really work does it? How do other Britishers pronounce it? I think I sound really northern if I say mo graff...
  16. This site was mentioned to me today, it looks good and might be helpful to you www.moveflat.co.uk I just tried searching the W1 postcode, there's a lovely place to rent in the heart of Soho... expensive but very nice... hmmm I can dream...
  17. Hi Martin You might want to have a mooch round the north side of Finsbury Park tube.... My manor! I've worked in Soho for years. Victoria Line to Oxford Circus in 15 mins, or Picadilly Line to Pic Circus in 20. Having the choice of 2 tube lines is a real bonus when one goes down. We've also got loads of bus services into central london, and all over north london, your beloved Camden is 10 mins away on the bus. Overground train to Old Street in 15 mins is very hand if you're working in that area. Look around Stroud Green Road for starters... All de best.
  18. Thanks to you both for your advice. I am trying the "edit the code" route for now.
  19. Hello everyone Can you recommend a nice wordpress template? I just want to put my reel plus a bit of about me text for now... It all looks a bit complicated, so if you know of a simple way to achieve this, please let me know! Thanks
  20. Thanks all. Good advice.
  21. Can anyone recommend a book to teach me all the technical stuff please?
  22. Fantastic thread. I've been away from the world of mograph work (on maternity leave!) and consequently not checked into mograph.net for sometime... I am gearing up to a possible change of hardware (from PC to Mac) and you guys have all still here (hurrah!) with all the info I need to get going. Cheers, it's great you are all still here!
  23. I can't find the mograph thread now, but I definitely read on Mograph last year about the minimum size for "legal text"... "Equates to 22 point text in AE, or 16 lines in the final output" (I copied that from the email I circulated to colleagues at the time!) Hope that helps.
  24. This all sounds very familiar, we are experiencing similar issues here with clips stored on other computers and accessed over the network. Mylennium, do you have any further information regards the network issues you flagged up? I think it's something that I need to investigate here! Thanks, K
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