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  1. sergioduque

    tv ident

    Hi guys just finished a new ident would be cool to get some critiques. cheers Sérgio
  2. topic is talking about feature films. yup Beaver that would be nice!
  3. also i think the node system versus layers as some to with it EDIT: what theta said
  4. hi guys, i got a deal on this camera (JVC GZ-HD40 for 850 euros). i want to by a camera so a can start to incorporate video on my motion work, but i dont know much about cameras i general to tell the true. so i would like to ask your opinion is it a good buy? thanks Sérgio
  5. videos are working fine for me, they aren't streaming though
  6. yep! that poodle chick is weird, damn!!
  7. Nice re-design guys, congrats theres a lot of people speaking portuguese indeed, but i really think we should keep the comments in english thow, if everyone started typing in their home language this board would be a mess! again nice stuff PATO guys!!
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