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  1. Dance track music video by some French bloke. Has people who have passed out with loads of junk/furniture stacked on top of them. Won a few awards. anyone?
  2. Narate


    I have searched already but every thread is about prosumer cameras. My boss said he would be happy to invest in a near Prosumer camera for making mood films and the like for clients. I've just finished two using a shitty MiniDV handheld but the client apparently liked them alot. Have been looking at stuff like this - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JVC-GZ-HD7-60GB-HDD-...1QQcmdZViewItem Would be great if anyone could offer any advice on the best options/pitfalls. Similar to another post on the forum I would rent on use, but I want to get used to actually operating a camera and being able to learn to get better results in my own time.
  3. Narate


    My boss has just said he will kit my out with a system for motion graphics. Hasn't given me a budget, just wanted to know what I need but I dont really what to ask for. Im thinking some fairly large monitors as Im on a 21" CRT Diamond Plus now, a decent amount of RAM in a Macpro and Production Studio Premium. Any suggestions?
  4. Narate

    Mov to Wmv

    Ahh bloody hell, I said that before n' all but the lard sat next to me said it didnt do it. Cheers! edit -- anyone got a free method? Flip says it will only do half the duration and getting the admin folk to send me the company card will take ages.
  5. Did a search before I posted this.. Client cant be bothered to download QT so I need to convert some MOV's to WMV but the tool I downloaded does a shit job of it and I end up with a poor conversion and massive file sizes. Can any compression whizz's lend a hand please? Needs to be OSX based app..or method..
  6. Narate


    http://www.subvertmagazine.com/uploads/showreel.mov Heres myself and colleagues effort, only started learning properly about 2 months ago. We are mearly print students. I can spot plenty of flaws but aye, learning curve eh.
  7. Bank Gothic above Mrs Eaves? deary me.
  8. Narate


    Not the sharpest knife eh. Its really not that hard, I need to do a mograph/interactive piece and I want agency input to proove I can work to criteria.
  9. Narate


    Its standard fare to get briefs delivered by agencies. Looks good in the old portfolio. Not the idea, just working to a set of criteria. Friend of mine has been sent a few one of which was by Airside ( http://www.apple.com/pro/profiles/airside/ ) who were dead nice and sent an .mp3 for him to design sleeve art for.
  10. Narate


    Yo, Im doing a screen based project parallel to my uni final major and it can be a interactive/web/mograph project, but the brief is up to me. I got some alright feedback from my last job interview but I thought it would be a good idea to get an agency set brief. I kinda wanted to mix all three core things to make some kind of interesting interactive web based mograph. No doubt I'll get some squirty cock offerings but any others suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  11. Narate

    Huuuge sculptures

    They got proper slated by critics saying it was purely technical ability with no creative intent. I reckon the public disagrees
  12. A client just bought me a 360 as an Xmas gift....tar very much! I'll be allover Gears of War next week
  13. I searched first... I need to make sure a DVD has continual playback, any ideas? (burning from os x)
  14. Manchester, England?(I never know with this place, bunch of Americans haha) I know a few if thats the case
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCfDRvDWid0
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