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  1. Probably the most challenging aspect of freelancing for me is quoting the amount of time that it will take to do a job. I have an idea, but do I extend that time to cover myself or if I know I can do it quickly do I quote a smaller amount of time? Do you cover these topics in your blog? Cool! Thank you.
  2. I just picked up Carey's new training session, watched the first lecture and ohhhh man, I am so happy already. Thought I'd share the link here for anyone else who doesn't know about it. Thanks! http://www.division05.com/visualdesignlab/
  3. Hey thank you so much for your guidance & comments as well. I've stood away this whole time only because I never really felt like I had the chops to post any work around here; but it's been 7 years & I think I've done semi-well for myself since this post. Here's the link to my 2014 reel. Thanks again so much guys & hope you all are doing well. https://www.behance.net/gallery/18753363/Motion-Graphics-Showreel-Summer-2014 Hopes it's cool to post this here...
  4. abie silva*

    NFL Promo

    A revamped project I finished up last summer. Comments welcome. NFL Promo
  5. Hmmm...okay. Great input. Thanks. I know what I need to do now. Now what would like to know and would help me even further is what you felt when you saw the vid? How did it strike you? Just by the way you answered my first question, you made me as myself questions that I never really thought about while in the creation process. And please be direct; I'd rather hear it here than not at all from a prospective employer. Thanks again.
  6. Here's my first real crack at putting together a broadcast piece. It's an idea for an NFL promo that I've had floating around in my head for months. This is actually still a WIP. I still have couple of things to do to it, including removing that dam lens flare that's leftover at the end of the vid. This is my first post and I know it can be rough here but I'm hood so I can take whatever anyone has to say. However, here are a couple of things that I would like to know for my own benefit. 1. Am I on the right track? 2. Do I have any talent at all? 3. I'm an artist and am never satisfied with my work, no matter how good other artists around me say it is. Is that normal? These are legitimate questions that I'd like answered. Esp the 3rd one b/c it seems like I'm the only one going through that. Everyone else around me seems so confident about their work (esp here), but I lack that confidence at times. Does anyone here experience that as well? Enough gibberish here's the link... Mock NFL promo for broadcast
  7. All I could think of was, "Great! Another freekin' 3d package to learn!" And Dammit!! Why can't Maya do what C4D does? Now I have learn a new 3D package entirely. I know I'm all over the place w/ that comment. Thats just the way I've been feeling lately. Did I mention I'm bi-polar. Sorry.
  8. I'd like to thank you all for your comments. Being that this project is now finished, I probably won't go back and make changes, but I appreciate all of the feedback. I've been around here for a while but never really had anything to show. I'll have my own site up soon and will post when it is up. Thanx again.
  9. ...I know u guyz r crucial when it comes to critiques but that's cool; this is my wife's site; she's an interior designer. Some idiot was trying 2 get over on her; I didn't like it. So, I bought a couple of books and dvd's and came up w/ this. I'm kinda twisted right now so excuse my stupid grammer. Tell me what's up... www.fkdcenter.com
  10. the main idea behind ur project is "Stupid Fast", but the animation is stupid slow; I would've loved 2 c those squares shuffle between ea other really fast then end up on the offer, shuffle squares again, then the speed of the connection; shuffle again and land on the contact info; it's taking 2 long between offer and claim, etc...speed it up. Don't be afraid to play w/ different speeds.
  11. I didn't even get 2 c ur reel; I'll tell this 2 guys all the time. More than 4 seconds and the client loses interest. consider using Flash video on ur site instead of QT. It is so much faster and cleaner than QT. BTW, I'm sure ur reel is great, but remember, u hav 2 always think of every pontential viewer as a client. Every client u lose, the less $$$$ u make.
  12. abie silva*

    Demo Reel

    Again, 4give me if I'm redundant; I never read these posts. I just go 2 the end. Get rid of the text in the begining; u got sum real good lookin stuff, it makes eveything else look weak. Reminds me of Galaga.The hammer thing is wack compared to everything else 2. Remember, u want 2 wow people first. So I would put ur strongest stuff 1st. Like that Autodesk, Sony thing @ the end. It's kinda annoying that ur reel doesn't auto rewind also. The NBC thing at the begining, I would change the font; if that's what the client wanted, that's different; but u don't have 2 use what the client approved, trick it out, it's ur reel. Make every graphic urs.
  13. abie silva*

    New Work

    I never read these things so forgive me if I say something someone else has already said; I would've liked to see the letters unfold like your background did.
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