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  1. making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teoSDTJDjF4
  2. Hi all, i'm having a problem and, although i've been trying for several days now, i can't find the solution. I'm animating a grafitti-like line moving through a piece of film in after effects (cs3). it (the line, not the film) look a lot like this Lugz-video: , except don't have a arrowhead.The animation fo the line appearing works perfectly. I used trapcode particular (1.5) to animate a custom particle along a motion path. The custom particle consists of several wiggled black solids in one comp, which make the line look more like a realistically drawn swoosh (like in the lugz video). Everything works fine, except for the end. I can not make the end of the line disappear forwardly somehow. If i decrease the lifetime of the particals to (for example) 2 sec, then the entire line disappears after 2 secs. Opacity or size over life; same thing. Particular seems to see the entire line as one particle, instead of different ones, that are each born after each other.. The only way i can make this happen, is if i don't use a motion path, but animate the emitter itself. But; thén the entire line keeps changing in thickness at the same time the custom particle does, instead of keping the shape each particle was born in I changed about everything in particular and in all elements, but i can't seem to get it. I know i should've done it in c4d of other 3d-things, but i don't have them and cant really use 'm (yet). Particular 2.0 seems to solve these problems, but same thing; don't have it. anyone? thanks alot.. dan
  3. the film was done by tribal ddb amsterdam and Stink. there are making ofs being edited as we speak. you'll see 'm around soon...
  4. i'm doing an animation of scrabbleblocks on a board (yes... scrabble..). The letterblocks are made up of 6 solids in a single comp. In another comp i've embedded several of these block-comps and an image of a board and animated the blocks falling on the board. This comp again is precomped in a def comp in which there is a cameramovement around the whole thing. The camera is set on Depth of Field and every comp is set to continuosly rasterize / collapse transformation . the problem is this: the lines of the blocks are shining through eachother, as if the solids in the comp are transparent (which they're not..). The problem vanishes when i disable the depth of field (which i don't want to do..).. anyone an idea? thanks very much, i'm starting to get a little desparate.. thx daniel
  5. and now could you please animate this with square brushes and straight strokes
  6. Thanks to both! unfortunately, it won't work for me to import a path from illustrator (i mean, i cán, but it won't work for the animated effect i want...). I'm afraid i'm stuck on stroking paths from within after effects. Your explanation about round brushes sounds plausible. maybe i need tot focus more on bursh replacement, then on stroke-settings... btw; we might indeed be on something here! maybe we can animate something growing with it? Let's say.. ehm.. plants and vines! Wow.. let's do it!
  7. I'm doing a stroke-animation but i can't seem to get the corners sharp and straight. If i make a 90 degree turn in my path, the stroke-effect still rounds up the corner a little bit. (brush thickness aaround 12. not small, but not that big either!). I tried every option on the effect, and did the same with trapcode's 3d-stroke and the BikiniDots stroke-plug, but it still creaties a round corner. ALthough it's just a little round, it isn't perfectly 90 dgrs, and i want that!! Anyone knows of an option i am overseeing of a plug is should get? thanks!
  8. sjememe

    new reel

    this is my first reel. direct link: http://www.danielsamama.nl/video/reel2006.html hope to get some usefull critique, thx
  9. damn, seemed to have missed it. any change there is a direct url for this tut? de link above is out. thx
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