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    XSI resources

    This one is absolutely massive: about 12 gigs (rough estimate - only 3/4 into the download :-)) worth of videos, all perfectly legal. http://www.vast.ws/resources/xsi/tutorials/tutorials.html Cheers.
  2. *bump* Just to give you guys a bit of an update... a small forum is online, with links to much higher quality music files, AND all of the artwork in 600 dpi files! Check it all out if you have a minute to spare! http://www.uptotenheavier.com/forum/ A few new tracks are at the mastering stage so soon to go online as well... hope you'll like 'm! Cheers, Pieter.
  3. I think it's the best album cover ever Seriously though, all credit goes to Raf from Komkom Doorn (raf@komkomdoorn.com). A brilliant designer, if only he was given carte blanche a bit more often... It's his birthday today actually, so if you want to congratulate him, now's the time!
  4. Thanks all, for your comments! @biggieboy; funny you chose that one. It's the one track that nearly didn't make it to the album in its original inception. Only when I completely reworked it it started to grow on me and at the moment I consider it one of my favourites in this album... @jan; if you like the slower ones better, you might like the first album actually... it's here: http://www.archive.org/details/UpToTenHeavier J-Bird, definitely looking for possible collaborations for further work. Keep us posted! Thanks Sao bento, it sure is fantastic if people get inspired by it... Cheers!
  5. Hi all! Finally I can proudly present my second album to the public. The result of another years' work, evening and long, long nights. Hope you enjoy it, and it may perhaps inspire some of you... Feel free to use it in your personal work if you feel it fits in somewhere! http://www.archive.org/details/UpToTenHeavierDryRiserOutlet The art is again created by Raf @ Komkom Doorn, who was also responsible for the debut album's cover before... Cheers!
  6. As it is a big download, and the server slows down when more people are downloading, I've made a lower quality Quicktime for a quicker preview. 640x480, about 34 megs. Direct link: -> CLICK <- Also, someone suggested I setup a torrent for this. Good idea, but does anyone know how to set up a torrent for a file which is stored on a website? Cheers.
  7. Can I just add this one to this thread as well: -> CLICK <- Full electronic music album. Free to download and use non-commercially (or just to listen to, like one of those regular CDs you buy in a shop ...). I would appreciate a credit when someone uses it of course...
  8. Hi all! After being selected for Animago, Imaginaria and Con Can Off, I've made the DVD of dBLOUD's Déjà Vu available for download on my website. This as a courtesy to anyone who would like to watch this at the highest possible quality (or simply on a TV set without too much hassle). Hope you enjoy it! More info and link: -> CLICK <- Different types of media will likely be available soon for those who don't like 'wasting' disks
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