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    Brazilian-born motion graphics designer, director and animator.
  1. Cool! Thanks guys! We are really happy with the great feedback we are getting on this new reel and the new website. We really appreciate that. Cheers!
  2. Hi to everyone! Our studio has just updated its website. Lots of new work and a fresh new Reel as well. Take a look: www.img.tv Direct link to our new Showreel: http://img.tv/projeto?u=reel2013 Let us know what you think! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! We've just uploaded two new projects to our project gallery. Have a look: http://www.img.tv/projeto/ese http://www.img.tv/projeto/ana_carolina I think this is also a good opportunity to introduce our studio, IMG Crossmedia Studio, based in Brasilia - Brazil. We work mainly with 3D, Motion Graphics and Games. While you are there, check out our other works as well. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. thanks for your comments! Answering your question, sometimes during the video the character animation is done using Cinema 4D (3D rigging) and sometimes the puppet tool in AE. cheers!
  5. Hello everyone, I created this video for a German artists community called TALENTARENA. The idea was to create something that worked as a teaser and as an explanation about how the community works at the same time. You can watch the video here: TALENTARENA teaser Any comments would be highly appreciated! cheers!
  6. I agree they are not the best school, but I don't regret attending there. For me it was a good way to spend some time studying motion graphics and to live in that beautiful country for a while. Any comments about the tvcs? Anyone? cheers
  7. Hello everyone! I just finished this series of three 15secs tvcs for Media Design School (New Zealand). This is my second paid mograph work (the first one I can't post here yet). I did everything myself and would like you guys to comment and rip me apart. here's the link: www.gareso.com/projects/mds_tvc.mov thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! Hope this helps me land a job soon. By the way, if anyone knows about any open position in Toronto, count on me! cheers!
  9. Hello everyone! My new portfolio is up and I would love to get some feedback (on everything!)! The link:Gareso online portfolio Well, hope you guys like it! Any comments would be highly appreciated! Cheers!
  10. Thanks everyone for the good words! I have a degree in graphic design prior to this course and I used to work with webdesign for a couple of years. So it's pretty much a "changing fields" student reel. But, as I have no experience in this area, I rather start from the bottom and make my way up again. I don't want to jump any step. Instead, I'll try to stay on those first steps for the least amount of time as possible! Thanks again! Cheers!
  11. Hi everyone, Just finished my course on Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Media Design School in New Zealand. This is my first showreel: gareso showreel 2008 Any comments would be highly appreciated! Also, I'm planning on moving to Toronto next year. Do you guys think this reel would be enough for me to get a junior position there? By the way, I'm from Brazil. thanks! cheers!
  12. thanks jablinko, that's a really good piece of advice. Completely agree with u. Think I got stuck on the 2Dness of photoshop and forgot to think a little bit more in 3D. I'll try adding a little bit more depth on my next works! Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I just finished another work at school and I would like some comments on this piece. It is an opening title sequence for a show called "Galápagos - endemic beauty". We had to develop everything in 3 weeks, including the name and content of the show. I think the music is kinda annoying but I couldn't waste too much time with it... I'm hoping that in the near future when I start working on professional projects someone can take care of that for me! hehehe Well, any comments would be highly appreciated... the link: Galápagos - endemic beauty Cheers,
  14. Gareso

    new website

    Really nice work man! I'm looking forward to see more of your work! And I like the site... it just does what it's supposed to do, and that's how it's supposed to be! Cheers!
  15. Gareso


    Hi everyone! I would like to get some comments on this project that I finished some months ago... It was made for a summative at school. Actually I was a little rebel with this one, as it was supposed to be a realistic visual effects meteor destroying Auckland. I just thought I could take a "more creative" approach to this and I decided to create this piece. There is no 3D, all the candies were photographed by me (even the gingerbread people, more than 50 bucks in candies and some extra pounds! ). There is some green screen footage (chocolate rotating, chocolate topping on the 'meteor', and the tongue in the end (which is mine!) ) The sound track I did using Soundtrack pro... but definitely should get someone to do that for me in the future... Well, just hope you enjoy this one, it was fun to do. Here's the link: http://www.gareso.com/2008/candyland_web_03.mp4 Cheers! Gabriel Gareso www.gareso.com
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