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  1. Mylenium

    GTX 1080

    Not sure what you are getting at. If you (or those VRay people) need a Pascal-based Tesla card for whatever reason, then simply buy it. Otherwise I fail to see the point in such discussions. Why would nVidia even care if gaming cards have DP and all that nice stuff, when it's not needed for their originally intendend use? I think people are forgetting that it was never anyone's intention for people to use gaming cards to drive GPU renderers. It just happened incidentally and now everyone gets wound up over nVidia not playing ball and not throwing out advanced features on lower tier card models. IMO that's all there is to it. People simply have wrong expectations. Imagine a world where GPU-based raytracers wouldn't even exist... And clearly so far those renderers do wonderful things even today without DP and will continue to do so for a while. Even if DP became the latest fashion, it would be a technical requirement that this stuff also runs on legacy hardware to provide a healthy user base that actually buys this stuff... Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    GTX 1080

    Not really. The article you linked doesn't even have much relevance for gaming. Double precision in that case are more of an "would be nice" thing for simulations and certain clipping calculations, but it's not essential, even more so since the game engines and APIs do not even have features that would use such a DP infrastructure. It might one day become more relevant, but at this point this is merely a citizen of Nerdistan obsessing about made up "deficiencies" of an retail card vs. an architecture for scientific use. If at all I would imagine all developers of GPU renderers facepalming themselves for nVidia leaving them hanging in mid air without hardware DP support... Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    GTX 1080

    And your current card would happen to be...? And your VR solution is...? Throwing around generics is not particularly useful. If you already have a 980 or Titan Black, it will be plenty for a good while. It's not like the 1080 is going to make much of a difference for most stuff, anyway. As long as developers haven't adapted their software, you won't see any enhancements and even then it remains to be seen whether you see a significant boost. You just need to check gaming sites. Different engines, different results. Some games like the new "Doom" have insane framerates on a 1080, others make barely a burp. As always, there's more to this than just buying expensive hardware... Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    GTX 1080

    And for what? Jeez, people always get carried away with jerking off on new hardware... Mylenium
  5. Ah, yes. Forgot about that old clunky workflow... Mylenium
  6. Unfortunately a clone is just that and to do what you want you would need individual materials on each one of them to begin with. That's a general limitation in C4D. Mylenium
  7. On the subject of "not caring" this works just the same for the users. Unfortunately there's too many out there that don't give a shit. You know, like those untalented dimwits that only care to get their tools cheap via student pricing or special promotions like the Photography plan. And face reality: A few years down the road we will be like grandparents telling their grandchildren about the good old times when you could "own" your software and everyone will look at you like you are a bit weird. I would love to see things returning to a more acceptable state, but I don't see it happening. Not with Adobe, not with many other companies. The darkness is spreading... Mylenium
  8. Does Adobe care about anything these days? You could write down "Adobe doesn't care about..." and fill in any arbitrary word(s) and it would always be right from bugs in the installers, to bugs in <fill in program name here> to customer support. Adobe has become one lousy company like any other big software shed and measures up to the worst of them... Mylenium
  9. MoSpline and a helluvalot XPresso-driven rigging with effectors, deformers and forces. Similarly, Thinking Particles with tracers could get that effect and if one has X-Particles it might be even easier... Mylenium
  10. +1 on Binky's notes. Subscription is the quickest path to damnation when provided as the only option, but can be useful when you need that extra license for that intern that just popped in... Mylenium
  11. Well, apparently it supports XML and JavaScript, so wouldn't it make much more sense to e.g. create an interactive SVG file or something that can be derived from a Processing project or a HTML Canvas? I haven't found any info on what it actually it supports, but this seems much more logical to me and might even be possible to plug together from a few nodes, assuming they support some drawing primitives. Mylenium
  12. You could have used expressions presumably. Mylenium
  13. Forget it. XPresso cannot create objects. What you need is an FBX Morph or Pose object containing the individual steps and you would have to create a Python sxcript to create those sequences or manually convert the current state to object for hundreds of splines and dump them in a pose morph. that said, since this stuff is handled differently in every program, your chances of actually getting it to show up in another 3D program are close to zero. It's simply the wrong approach. If at all, you need real polygonal geometry, but then I suppose given the specifics of your animation and the limitations of the process you can stop messing around in C4D and do it in "that other program" right away. Mylenium
  14. Check the guide subdivisions and display settings as well as the sim settings for hair-to-hair collisions. That's similar to other stuff like metaballs etc. when you have different settings for editor and renderer. Mylenium
  15. I'd probably do it as geometry using cloners and stuff. Masonry follows specific rules which are hard to capture just with textures, at least when you get closer. Of course I have no idea on your design concept... Mylenium
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