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  1. I'm pretty sure that in the upgrade to 64 bit we lost some functionality that was 32 bit, that was updated or replaced. You can remake your animations using those new features I know, not a great option, but 64 bit, man.
  2. What does he tell her at the end? Some options: "I'm gay" "I have AIDS" "YOU have AIDS"
  3. Tracy Peterson

    new stuff

    Totally awesome. As if it were pouring directly from a fountain of 100% pure awesome, cascading in an awesome waterfall. BUT, one of my own personal pet peeves is a bullet flying across the screen with a complete casing attached. Please be aware that when a gun is fired, the casing stays in the gun and a bullet, just the end part, without a casing, flies away. My strained suspension of disbelief thanks you.
  4. Hmm... at that rate, wouldn't it be cheaper to just pay for a hooker? Several of them? You would save time shopping and recording and they wouldn't blow up your phone afterwards.
  5. And yes I know I was supposed to stop responding... seriously though, read my original post and tell me what lines make you think I was saying what you just said I was saying, Sao. I am pretty decent at understanting my own intentions and none of what you described was anywhere near what I wrote or intended.
  6. Please reread my original post. Again, I said no such thing. I did not agree with him, I did not blam immigrants for coming here, though they are certainly responsible for thier own transportation. I didn't even say they were criminals. I also did not say that it was mexico's responsibility to prevent immigration. All I did was ask for a rational look at the distribution of responsibility. I think it's sad that someone's frustration can lead to hate. I also think that it goes the other way, such as when someone calls someone they have never met stupid on a message board. You have now targeted me for YOUR own frustration and rhetoric for reasons I couldn't possibly explain, since all of the reasons you gave had nothing to do with my original posts. Best, Tracy Ryan Peterson
  7. Absolutely not, i said no such thing. It's reasonable that they should come here to look for opportunity and is a testament to their desire and need that they risk so much to do so. It is also reasonable to expect the same effort in adapting or being good guests as it were. The frustration isn't just racism I think. A lot of people who "aren't racists" are frustrated because of cultural issues. What I said was that it is too easy to say "shut up, racist" because that is a popular sentiment, but it isn't a rational argument and doesn't solve any of the problems. Essentially what I'm saying is I think that more acceptance would be there if the effort to reach out to the existing cultures rules and norms were made. I did it when I lived in China and I got to hear all the reasons that they had for keeping immigrants out too, because they had the similar frustrations, but with the annoying loud drunken white people who try to have sex with their daughters. Also, I'm going to stop responding to this thread since I'm the only person using my real name to talk about my political opinions. I think that it's a tough subject and it's difficult for many people to have a rational discussion about this one. If you desperately need to, you can email me tracy@tracypeterson.com
  8. I agree completely, was just pointing out that ripping dude to shreds does not instantly make YOU smarter. Not YOU as in C.Smith, but YOU as in everybody. And it still isn't funny.
  9. You know there is another side of this whole thing too. I know I'm going to get blasted for not walking the politically correct line and appearing to agree with ZeBrownie, but there is truth in that people are getting very frustrated with immigration going unchecked and it most certainly IS the responsibility of the immigrants to make sure they represent themselves well and live as good citizens, which many would argue isn't happening. Just because his opinion isn't eloquently stated, doesn't invalidate it.
  10. Maya network rendering is easier than you would think. You can do it manually from the command prompt, or use handy smedge. I'd definitely use the machines to set up a multi machine render for maya. It's the slowest rendering of all the packages you mentioned and needs it.
  11. You know, I'm super curious to see what you have done with the layer distribution scripts.
  12. Yet another reason to get a good paper boilerplate contract and not starting work without it. Doing business internationally has additional risk as you can't get a lawyer to work internationally without loads of cash.
  13. Sao Bento, something that I have seen done in other forums is to move the post to the right forum/thread if the post was misplaced. Prevents the "The mods are selling out!" discussion.
  14. If you are looking for work, go through your contacts that might now how to market you and send them messages telling them what they are looking for. I think "harass" is a bad word to use here. If you are making good choices on who to approach, they might just need you. If you are making bad choices, they might just ignore you. Harassment really isn't necessary.
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