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  1. manhattan: i likes me mars bar, b-side r.i.p. pool-table, cherry tavern is okay, i've had good times at lit but i kinda hate their sound system williamsburg: the poor house, greenpoint tavern, rock star bar, daddy's, the abbey, turkey's nest, lucky cat, pete's candy store, sweet ups greenpoint,queens?: my friend tells me of this place i think it's called galaxy which is supposed to have a bowling alley! this ny water taxi place by ps1 is pretty fun.
  2. really impressive, i've come close to something this nice, but yours really has that slight color bleed water color thing i just can't get. the way the shading is on the mountains is awesome, especially the pencil sketch looking borders... wanna trade actions sometime? you'd be a wiz at filter forge, if you haven't already gotten hip to it. salut
  3. I have whipped up some filterforge filters that I think look clean yet hand drawn on video. Another one I suggest you look into is the AlienSkin snap art bundle of photoshop plugins. I'd love to hear how bns went about doing that spot.
  4. l o l p.s snob equals passionate ='s dedicated ='s better than not imho roflmao ps ps aka worder up
  5. if you use morph targets with morph deformers you can pull of some pretty cosmic stuff.
  6. www.myspace.com/limitlesspassion
  7. some of the guys from negativland also did some stuff like that, i think the name of the project was wetgate.... saw them like 7 years ago in SF
  8. walk don't run


    it's all in one, dude.
  9. I just asked this here like last week. But I am still not that happy with the intergration between the two. I was wondering if the new cs3 voodoo will make this any easier...
  10. did you try different mass settings? sometimes that helps a little. i'd also give spline dynamics a go if you have the hair module, that might do it...
  11. I'd be glad to help you out, it's just a matter of if you can paypal me $5,000 by tonight. Well?
  12. Funny, I'm, interviewing there tomorrow. And watching those is more or less my homework assignment. Place seems real fresh.
  13. It's one of my favorites, but I don't stay up to date on it. The issues that I have from the early 00's are awesome though. Just about everything in them still looks good to me today, and I especially like how they often focus on older periods of design and contrast it with the modern stuff. I would just find a good bookstore and periodically visit it to browse the new ones and buy them if they look good, unless you have a lot of dough and are into collecting things - i guess it's one of those collectable type magazines.
  14. two questions for you fine citizens. 1 does anyone know of an equivalent in illustrator to photoshop's 'fill' slider? you know, that slider that acts just like opacity - but allows you to pass on blend functions. i know about clipping and opacity masks, but i was wondering if there is a way within illustrator to use a layer to affect the underlying layers via blending modes - but not actually be seen. i know you can do stuf like this in photoshop with folders. 2 does anyone intensively use illustrator files in ae, or do most prefer to rasterize and slice up their illustrator files for import to ae or motion app of choice? when you have a lot of stuff going on in your illustrator file it just seems so messy to intergrate it all into after effects. from what i know, to have any shapes from illustrator be recognized as seperate elements in ae you pretty much have to forget about sub layers in illustrator and just have everything in one big messy layer, which of course ruins everything workflow wise for me in illustrator. any tips on cleancut ways of managing illustrator files for ae would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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