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  1. Hi all, I'm at the moment putting together a pitch for some future work. I've used some footage of a saturday night TV show, so I grabbed this on my DVD recorder (freeview thing) and ripped the Vobs to MP4s via Handbrake. So far so good, all looks nice, plays in Quicktime just fine. The problem is... I import into after effects (no errors) but when I render the scene out, the footage has gone crazy like its mixed up with static or something. Anyone got any thoughts? Would save my bacon if you can help Thanks, Rob
  2. Well because some of CS software does it, and some of it doesn't? Try 'Save As' in Illustrator, it has all the backward compatable options back to Illu 7. A handy tool for sure. R
  3. So.. If you combine 2 answers you might get the perfect result. Some random stop motion movement from CS Tools, and 12.5fps render into a 25fps comp
  4. Rob M


    Personally I love these, really comfy, but not so great for travelling around as they're a little on the delicate side and don't fold up. http://store.apple.com/uk/product/TK728VC/A?mco=MTIxODk3Mw Bose Triport Over ear things... Not cheap, but they sound awesome and I can wear them all day without any problems.
  5. Yeah thanks for this, really well explained.. Not sure I would be able to recreate any of that without your step by step guide though
  6. Err... "My main focus on this project was the camera and lighting techniques and I didn't want to waste time worrying about the other graphical elements." Great camera moves, loverly lighting but you didn't spend time to actually make the content better? Surely you have to 'worry' about what you are lighting and what you are moving around? Seems strange to me. But I suppose if you learned lots about cameras and lighting then its all good.
  7. Hi Guys, Today I'm trying to render out a series of lens (like what you would get in a camera lens) I'm trying to render them out seperatly, but I'd like to keep the reflections. Obviously if I turn off the other layers and render out one lens at a time, it has nothing to bounce the light from. I've tried multipass - and adding an Compositing tag & object buffer to each lens - but this again forgets the reflection. If I add the reflection to the multi pass, it comes in as one piece of data, not separated by the lens surfaces I'm in a little bit over my head, so if anyone could help me out that would be great I've added the file here if you wanna take a look http://download.yousendit.com/ED07371C2D311D91 Thanks, Rob.
  8. Never mind... Its because they are animated and I'm not adding new keyframes... You live an learn
  9. Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone else has this problem in C4D. I'm on mac running 10.011 When I sometimes make a mistake (not that often.. ) I hit Apple + Z and it undo's about 10 steps, and totally rearranges the objects... Its bloody annoying! And, what makes it worse, is I can't go back to where I was... Someone please tell me I just need to check some option to get rid of it, grr.. Rob.
  10. Loverly thanks, took some figuring out, but that should do the trick. Tar, Rob.
  11. Hi Guys, Ok, not sure I'll ask the right questions, I'm no expert in either program, so... I have an animation in C4D. I want to be able to slow it down (a bit like bullet time) and then for it to go back to normal speed. I could animate the slow down in C4D, or I could do it in After Effects with time remapping? Obviously if I do this, frames will be missing so it feels jerky. The reason I would like to do it like this is that I want to have control later on, and the rendering is pretty heavy. So would it be possible to render out at 50fps and use these extra frames to help smooth out the motion? I've done the above, but when I bring it in to AE.. How do I go about using the 50fps at 25fps with the slight slow down? Hmm... Hopefully this makes sense Rob.
  12. Rob M

    Line Warping

    Excellent thanks guys. The echo and mask/stroke blend should do the trick. Just gonna be a question of playing with the settings I guess. No doubt I'll be back with some tests and questions in the next few hours
  13. Rob M

    Line Warping

    Hi James, Yeah, Wetwang man, its the place to be... For all those that don't know what we're talking about, its where I grew up.. Fo' real. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetwang http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Wetwang,+D...ap&ct=title --- "I'd just animate a stroke, either buy hand or using a distortion filter (or combine the two), then pre-comp it. You can duplicate the pre-comp, scale, tint and offset it and you should be able to get a similar effect. I'm sure there is an easier much more efficient way but just thinking off the time of my head at the moment." Thanks for the pointer, good stuff. Almost perfect, defo onto something. I've found that when using the distorter's that I can't seem to get the lines to stay nice. The more I distort, the more the line goes 'fluffy' Anyone know a good way of distorting/bending a comp, and keep the rasterization. So it would be only distorting the vector line, not the stroke... I need more AE practice! Tar, Rob.
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