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  1. Bokeh


    Todd, are the cycore plugins being updated for CS5?
  2. Could just be the time of year, hopefully people are taking vacations and spending less time in front of the computer.
  3. What makes me sad about zebrownie/marc b is the amount of time he puts into his trolling. When he first started posting stuff here I thought is was just some pretentious jagoff having fun and making himself feel better than anyone who took the bait. But he seriously seems to spend considerable time every day at this stuff. I can't fathom what else he does. It seemed like it was supposed to be funny at first but it just looks like a sickness now.
  4. here's mine Admin edit: last one is this week's banner
  5. There was a fly in the room while I was working today, buzzing around the window a few feet behind my monitor. I actually found myself trying to move my cursor towards it to shoo it away.
  6. Internet Tough Guys I am always puzzled when people get so defensive about their work. If someone expresses their critical opinion, and you protest so much, it makes it seem like maybe, kind of, deep down you know the work isn't all that great. As if calling someone names makes your work better. "Well he called me an asshole, I must have been wrong. I guess it is a great piece."
  7. Anyone who switches to a new 3d app is going to find themselves wishing it was more like the app they were using before. I use 3dsmax now, but before that the only program I could afford was Lightwave. Even though Max is much more powerful, I always find myself wishing I could grab a bunch of tools from Lightwave and cram them into Max. I can only hope that someday in the far science fiction future when we all have brain chips, all software will be modular in some way so you can take tools from any program and pop them into another.
  8. This was on reddit. I guess it is similar to the opening credits to the Watchmen (haven't seen it). I'm kinda stumped on how this was done so darn well. Anyone know what the process was? Just hundreds of thousands of photographs? http://www.cinema.philips.com/?ls=gb_en Ok saw the little excerpts and I guess it kind of was that they were just moving a camera through on a track while people stayed as still as they could. I guess they used rigs to suspend things in the air which were removed in post. And then explosions and light effects were added in post as well.
  9. Bokeh

    Cat Sh*t One

    http://pixelatedgeek.com/2009/03/cat-shit-one-trailer/ This is worth watching, trust me.
  10. I humbly apologize and retract my previous statements.

  11. Watch your potty mouth

  12. http://thru-you.com/#/videos/ I recommend videos 1,3,4, and 7 the most
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