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  1. Hey Folks, I'm looking for recommendations on AE plug-ins. I just started at a company who is creating a mograph department from the ground up, and wants to purchase a nice collection of useful, quality plug-ins that cover all the bases. I say useful because some of these collections are stocked with effects you might only use once a year to justify the price of the package. I know of Tinderbox, Trapcode, Boris Continuum Complete FX, and Digieffects Delirium. What's your thoughts on these and any others in comparison? Thanks
  2. Hey Folks, wondering if anyone has done "dustbusting/rotoscope" work, and what kind of rate they were getting for a full time position per hour or day? I'm relatively new to the industry so any advice or info would help... thanks.
  3. Hey Folks, I'm new to the MoGraph industry and wondering if anyone is finding work in Philadelphia/New Jersey. Was thinking of moving to be closer to my family, and taking advantage of better housing costs than California. Also, would like some advice on getting corporate/industrial clients... appreciate any input...thanks -tbmotion
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