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  1. thanks again for your feedback, i re-edited the reel and added some new work
  2. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.
  3. Hi everyone, I just updated my reel, crits welcome. http://www.stooch.tv/ thanks.
  4. stooch

    New Reel.

    Thanks, it was a movie i VFX supervised, it was an indy with a limited release. its called battle for terra and its floating around on netflix and cable.
  5. stooch

    New Reel.

    Thanks for the crits... just curious, which stuff is "just ok"?
  6. stooch

    New Reel.

    thanks for the crit. i re edited it.
  7. stooch

    New Reel.

    The link is in my signature. Check it out. Im available for freelance.
  8. the 24inch dell is badass. I prefer it to apple due to faster response. apple probably has better colors though, although the new new dells coming out supposedly are even more badass.
  9. do you have a problem with me? by the way, i clearly stated IMO. imo means in my oppinion. but anyway i think my opinion is worth abit more in regards to 3d then yours (not that you really have one, other then your pathetic attempt at putting me down) anyway while we are on the topic, whats up your ass anyway? just curious, since i dont know you, never really interacted with you so im kind of at a loss why you get off on being an ass to total strangers... btw. max is not the most popular package on the market. id have to say its maya and thats an opinion too.
  10. yes it does. make a front end for maya (which has a badass, completely extensible core) and transfer the existing users over to the maya core. now instead of paying for 2 separate dev teams you have one big, badass dev team. maybe trim a few redundant positions and there you go.. as far as the user is concerned, his buttons and functions still work and look the same but underneath is a really nice, battle tested core. unlike the huge clusterfuck of modules slapped together. maya can do everything max can and its the easiest platform to create any new functionality. its just a huge melscript it seems (from what i see atleast), everything is pretty transparent and customiseable.
  11. ok the original poster said that the age of affordable software is coming to an end. Well id say that the age of affordable pro software never begun in the first place. Maya has never been cheap, neither has photoshop. It depends on what you consider affordable. ie photoshop or maya, or a dosen different software packages i can name off the top of my head arent exactly affordable for a hobbyist. So is the dewalt series of power tools, but you see all the pro contractors who use them for a living, expecting nothing less when they make a purchase. Im glad that a big, well funded entity is in charge of maya, the rumors of 3Dsmax being dropped (finally) can only be good (talk about outdated architecture). there are too many choices to be honest, with many overlapping functions. Personally i cant afford NOT to buy the best tools for the job, regardless of the price, if they help me get the job done faster or better then the competition. So give me photoshop, illustrator, maya, etc and the peace of mind that their creator wont fold one day, leaving me squarely on my ass, looking for new tools. Cheap software = cost cutting, smaller dev team, less innovation (less brilliant minds being employed to create it). There are always exceptions but exceptions = gambling. who wants to gamble with their livelihood?? The more likely my favorite software will be around in the future, the better i feel about investing in it.
  12. got my own website. ftp access with guest login. i use lunar pages and currently have 250 gigs of storage and 2500 gb of bandwidth highly recommend them btw.
  13. stooch

    heh heh

    hehe yeah i heard of the poobahs, not a big fan of the original, there is a much better remix that i need to track down. speaking of sandwiches though.
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