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  1. woo, forgot about Andrew Kramer, that tuto saved me much! hehehe thanks form here NOW! gray enjoyed your tutos too, they are grate!..
  2. hey! first of all thanks for watching it, and thanks for the reply too. The playboy thing, maybe my subconciencs thought about laws and things.. hehe and about the pink colour.. "yeah pink is pink" as a friend told me once... but yes its like a pink elephant came into my reel and made poo all over it hahaa hope you enjoyed, peace
  3. lo guys, just wanted to show you my first reel, can't start a new topic in reel's section so i choosed here (move it or something..) >> www.perchristian.net :H love yall!
  4. hahahha, love it! :H :H i'm wokin on a reel right now while working with good ppl and learning as much as I can, see you arround PEEPS pd:giveme2weeks!
  5. ok thanks I will try it, and i let you know! very thanks
  6. well.. First hi to all, second.. how to import a 3dmax camera(tracking) to AE ? I heared that you can do it with c4D, but can we do it with 3d max? holla! thanks
  7. can't find it, maybe i'll try to press f1 in AE for help, but you could tell see you all
  8. very very thanks igor! but... can't find no manual Ok, now i know that you can parent things with the Null object, that he has hes anchor point up-left, but how to use it while you move your camera? you create a new null object, and parent it with the camera, the if you move the null object, the camera moves? see you all arround
  9. hey all, can I ask what is that you all talking about "null" thing? - what is it ? - where is it ? - how 2 use it ? - (screenshoot of the graphic editor & timeline if possible with the null thing done ) very very thanks peeps! Si alguien sabe español, y no sepa echarme 1 mano en inglés, aquí estoy CHEERS!
  10. yeah, u saved me 2mins for each image, very thanks to you too
  11. hi! So my question is: "how to do this in AE" -> http://www.improvestudios.com/perchristian.../howto_flip.jpg excuse my english, quite sh*tty So, thats all .. for now. See you arround peeps!
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