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  1. That's some smooth stuff. Please share more!
  2. In the past I'd have said about 50%, but I think I'd be more discriminating now. Perhaps 20%.
  3. Fantastic work as always, my man.
  4. It's a problem that your reel is under a minute and you show the same 3-4 pieces more than once. Usually I'd say to strip out any repeat pieces, even if it makes your reel a minute or less. But in your case your reel would be 15 seconds long. You need to make more work to put into your reel, even if its just personal projects. There's stuff in here that's not too bad, but overall the reel just feels flat because the tempo of all the pieces are so constant. There's nothing that drives the tempo and keeps interest up. Also, the thing with the randomly generating letters... lose it. There's nothing particularly special about it that anyone with After Effects can't do. Your reel needs to be about what makes you unique and what special style, talent, etc. you have to offer. You're not showing that off, although I believe with determination and a bit of extra work you could start getting there. Your YouTube description says this is your favorite work from the past 2 years. Have you been doing this for only 2 years?
  5. Well, that's actually an intro video for a presentation that I give to college students and Ad Clubs. I'm actually in the middle of compressing an excerpt of one of the presentations and will be putting it on Vimeo this evening.
  6. I'll stand behind what leahzero said. If this were half the length I'd say it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but at its current length it gets boring. But, also as mentioned above, for a first effort this is incredibly solid and you've got a good handle on the basics of motion graphics. It's just time to think about that extra bit of polish.
  7. 3rdMARTINI

    wip ex

    It's hard to say too much because I don't have a lot of info behind what specifically you're trying to accomplish. When I look at it at face value (a stinger for an entertainment news show), it's looking pretty good. Perhaps a little bit of subtle organic background instead of black to give the image more depth. Does this help?
  8. Pretty good. If you're looking for nitpicky critique, I'd say the one thing that stood out to me was that your animation keyframes aren't terribly smooth in some areas. Clean those up and you've got a really good and revisit the logo reveal at the end and you've got a pretty nice piece on your hands.
  9. Not only has it been a few years since I've been on here as a moderator, but it's also been a few years since I've really been deep in the mograph scene. I focused on interactive work for a while and I'm just now coming back to my mograph roots and doing work. Thought I'd share a couple of my latest pieces. Hope you enjoy.
  10. So, ummm... is it cool to come back? Last time I checked in on the site it looked like it had been hacked. I'd love to come back and participate in the community. Long time no see, right?
  11. I have taken all your suggestions into consideration and have decided to go with the title, "Flurm Wrangler."
  12. If you've got people at your respective organizations that are less creative and more technical in the areas of shooting/editing/duplication/general video tech, what do you call them? I'm trying to help come up with a job title for a new position and we want to make sure it properly reflects job titles in the post-production industry.
  13. That's where I'm at right now.
  14. I got really busy between March and now. I've started coming back though. Imagine my surprise to come back to find mograph dead. Of course, I'm not really in mograph anymore, so... yeah.
  15. No. If your chapter is like any of them I've been around, you can get into the networking events and seminars without shelling out the $295/yr. Especially when you consider that their $295 only gets them a discounted admission price at the door.
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