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  1. Hey guys! I'm new here! I found this site via a link on creativecow.net!
  2. I know some of this can be done with current technology, but some of it seems pretty crazy new.
  3. I dunno. After seeing Star Trek, I might invest in a flashlight instead.
  4. The best way to find this stuff is to go to Motionographer and search for "essay." http://motionographer.com/index.php?s=essay Justin Cone loves this stuff, so it's all there.
  5. I may be dense, or I may have skimmed over the logo too quickly, but it took leahzero pointing it out to make me realize that there was something anthropomorphic about it. I just thought it was goofy looking. Perhaps the study showed that kids who go to state colleges want their school to resemble the restaurants they eat at. That may be more true than it sounds. Isn't it true that some places use crappy design to attract people, because it says "hey, I'm cheaper!"? Not that I'm trying to defend crappy design, I actually hate that philosophy.
  6. Just the double-spacing, really. Everything else is just your style of being informal, and I understand that. Maybe it's just me, and maybe it's because I already have a bit of a headache, but the double spacing for every line just kills my eyes. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  7. I have to agree. I skipped over every single one of your posts (even the first) because they give me a headache trying to read them. I didn't realize it was you every time until stutts pointed it out.
  8. no problem. Some of these things are a pain to find on your own.
  9. I got into Scientific American for a while. I found it pretty cool despite being a little overwhelming. I don't know about other magazines, but the articles are often written by practitioners. There was even an article a while back by Bill Gates on the current state of robotics, the challenges involved in bringing robotics to a widespread reality, and how the whole thing is like the PC revolution of times past. Anyway, whether or not you like Microsoft, it was a cool read.
  10. Sunday was a nice break, though. Nice and sunny. Man, I've been up here for 6 months and I'm already going a little crazy.
  11. I think this sums up the problem here, froj, which is that the question you are asking is too simple, too obvious, and probably not very helpful. The only place these results will matter are those news reports encouraging parents to put their kids in music classes, etc. Other than that, I can only see it as a way to be self-congratulatory to people who already are musicians. We either have or have not studied music well enough to make it beneficial, and the people who study music will continue to study it and the people who don't study it, probably won't. Instead, a better idea would be to study how to apply that musical talent to motion graphics. There are ideas above about the structure of music, pop and experimental. I would suggest looking into classical structures as well (A B A B C D A, etc). Sound, tone, melody, harmony, rhythm, and composition can add a lot of insight into what we do. But, it all doesn't necessarily translate directly. But that allows for fun exploration, rather than boring 1 to 1 logic.
  12. For anyone that wants them, I found (the) two scripts that do this here: http://www.vfxtalk.com/forum/after-effects...18089.html?amp; and just in case that link gets broken: http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/mot..._camera_script/ http://www.croedesign.com/croecam.php
  13. I've been searching around just to get a good feel of 3D apps and what they are capable of. I found this article, and I think it would be useful to anyone deciding on a 3D app. The writer's english isn't very good, but he seems to be very unbiased and seems to know many 3D apps very well. Anyway, I hope this helps. http://www.tdt3d.be/articles_viewer.php?art_id=99
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