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  1. These 2 pieces were made at Consulado.tv for MTV Sports Brazil and Nissin. http://new.consulado.tv/CUP-NOODLES I was a technical director for this one trying to sort out how to transfer the character animations from Maya to C4D render pipeline. Alembic, although quite troublesome, made it possible. I also did some assets modeling and animation like the waves, full logo assembly (skull and panther part) and animation. This was a team effort that involved the entire studio and some good old coolaborators. Hope you like it. Cheers.
  2. Slot

    Flying Whales

    HAHA! This is amazing!
  3. Slot

    Reel 2012

    Thanks a lot for watching guys. Really nice to receive some positive feedbacks from awesome dudes like you. Hey Aaron, Rodrigo speaks very highly of you too, and watching your work on your website I finally understood why. Your comps and animations are amazing, super fluid with a great sense of depth. I agree with what you said about the film stuff. I feel compelled to use it because it meant such a huge part of my life so recently, but perhaps it doesn't really matter from an editing point of view. Thanks for the input.
  4. Slot

    Reel 2012

    Hey guys, just finished a new edit of my reel. It isn't so long time since I released the last one (5 months perhaps) but felt like updating it with some new stuff and re-edit to reflect better what I'm striving for. Let me know what you think, what works what shouldn't be there. I'm still fiddling with this one so any feedback is welcome. https://vimeo.com/52829567 Cheers. Mau.
  5. Slot

    smashLAB / Results

    Thanks Adam. It was hard, but I could relate to your message. Some of these are things that we tried to avoid, there is a concern about being too literal or in the face. But reading your reviews made me think that there are some pieces missing. It's an evolving concept, we'll try to improve over it for v2. But yeah, the right way to watch it is through the website, I sent the direct Vimeo link because I was afraid people wouldn't get to it if they need to click their way through. I think that would make a whole lot more sense because you would already be acquainted with smashLAB and it's concept. Thanks a lot man. It was very helpful. Cheers.
  6. Slot

    smashLAB / Results

    Good part of the content was taken from website and still campaigns. It might not look like it, but we took a good amount of time planing on how to put everything together. The reel has 4 sessions of content separated by the little balls animations (I don't think that is too clear by your comment, we were going to use voice over on these parts or typography but that got cancelled on the last moment). Each one showing one facet of the agency's work. Well, I could go on explaining, but there is no use for it, as a motion piece should be able to explain itself. Overall we just wanted to show a great variety of projects (most of them webdesign) and some solidity to the results of our process in all of these different areas. I don't think you are full of crap Binky, your opinion is very valuable. Thanks a lot for taking the time and making a honest review. Cheers.
  7. Slot

    smashLAB / Results

    smashLAB has a new reel to showcase our projects in several media formats. I never did something like this before, I mean a reel that is not for motion or film projects. There is a lot of projects crunched into this piece to show the wide variety of project types that our agency tackle. Let me know if you think it's working or how it could be improved. I couldn't go very far on the motion transitions because of time constraints and to let each piece be shown by itself. I guess you could say it should be shorter. Well, I want to hear it. Bring it on. LOL Cheers, Mau.
  8. Slot

    smashLAB promo

    Good point Binky, I'll keep that in mind for the next project, but it's always difficult to make these kind of judgements for yourself right? One question for you sages and demi-gods... How long would you take to complete a similar project from concept to delivery?
  9. Slot

    smashLAB promo

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate your feedback. Our hope was not to need the redundancy between typography and VO, but perhaps it was necessary in a couple of moments that we went too abstract on the visuals. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Slot

    smashLAB promo

    Hey guys. Just finished this animation to present the ideals and purpose of the agency I work for. http://www.smashlab.com/agency/about Cheers, Mau.
  11. I completely lost the deadline due to work projects. But had so much fun doing it that I decided to finish. https://vimeo.com/48281203 Hope you guys enjoy it, feedbacks are welcome. Sound by Wesley Slover Cheers.
  12. Hey guys, just a quick project I did in a couple of days to play around with tracking, character design, simple 2D character animation... etc. https://vimeo.com/43179291 Hope you like it. Your opinions are welcome. Cheers.
  13. Fantastic. Love these kind of pieces that portrait the inner universe of the characters. You are very courageous for putting so much effort in the production and sticking to your vision. Definitely want to learn more about the creation process. Congratulations.
  14. Oh by the way, loved your presentation at the C4D booth at NAB this year. Some really helpful advices.
  15. Thanks Dave. Happy you enjoyed the clay effect. I'm just finishing a new 5 seconds project and going to post it soon. Cheers.
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