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  1. I'm running a 8 Core Mac Intel machine with Maya 2008 and Leopard installed. Thus far i've found the combination to be very stable. My machine at work has the same set up and has also been very stable. Can't be too sure about version 8.5 and leopard (i suspect it would be stable as well), but 8.5 worked well on the mac intels. -D
  2. Thanks for the input.... but the problem wasn't actually getting the glass to look pretty, the problem was getting the watch to look pretty BEHIND the glass. The dialectric material is a wonderful tool i agree, but lighting the watch through the glass was a real pain. Nothing i did to counteract the problem looked as good as the watch did without the glass. So, as time constraints grew near, i just rendered the watches without the glass and then camera mapped the renders back onto the model. A simple but effective trick that ended up saving a lot of time.
  3. Maya has been out on macs for several years now. I used to be a PC guy and made the switch to mac a couple of years ago. I find that more often than not maya is more stable on the mac than on the PC. Granted Maya more difficult to learn than Cinema 4D, it is a heavy hitter in the 3D world and shouldn't be discounted simply because it is most widely known for being a PC application.
  4. I definetly did NOT use motion builder when importing the C4D FBX file into maya. The problem that was demonstrated in that movie you linked to used to occur when monky and i tried to trade cameras in the past, however that isn't the case anymore. I'm not sure whether it was that i was using the latest FBX plugin, or that i was using the latest version of maya (8.5), but the cameras imported correctly ( for the most part) right off the bat. The only exception being that the baked keys were stepped in the wrong direction.
  5. Hey... i can't speak for monkey as to how he exported the cameras, but i am relatively sure he just did a normal fbx export. When i took his cameras into my maya scene file, the camera data had become baked out. The only real problem with the data from then on was that the stepped keyframes were facing the wrong way. So for instance, rather than holding position from frame 1 to frame 10 and then changing position, the stepped frame would go the other way. So the value would change on frame 2 rather than waiting until frame 10. I don't know if that made sense to anyone, but it was a very easy fix to reverse the steppes. There was one instance with one of the cameras that we had some trouble trading off the information. But it was at a point were monkey had used a lot of tricky camera work... and a work around was shortly after achieved. All in all, trading information back and for was a huge success. -D
  6. Hey guys... thanks for all the kind words.... and my thanks to Monkey for setting up the breakdowns. I was the Maya artist who rendered out all the watches and modeled a large amount of the objects for the scene. I'm glad this project was so well recieved... it was one of the more technically challenging projects I've worked on and i feel it was one of the most rewarding. Thanks again to everyone who posted. And i'd be happy to field any questions.... Cheers.
  7. I agree that the new menu system is annoying... but it's to be expected. I'm sure eventually maya and max will grow to be more like one another and maybe even start developing even more tools for interchanging work flows between the two. It's just going to take some getting used to. If you don't like the new menus you can customize them to your liking, which is kinda nice if you take the time out to do it. But my BIGGEST issue with Maya 8 is that it seems to crash every ten minutes. Anyone else having this issue? Cuz it's starting to make me want to throw things. I'm even toying with the idea of goin back to 7 till an update comes out. But i have to say i kind of expected such a let down. Putting out a new version so close to their acquisition of maya, and so close to the upcoming release of Leopard (i'm on a mac), is a bold move...and maybe a little foolish. I'd have been perfectly content if they had waited to fix the bugs in the system, and taken the time to make maya UB and 64 bit on the mac. But then again MAX is a PC only program, which makes me scared that Autodesk will put us mac users on the back burner.
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