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  1. Hey C.Smith, thank you so much! i´m gonna give it a try :-D. the animation is perfect, that´s what i want. graymachine, nice try but the link is dead. thanks anyway. Carlos
  2. Hey folks, Anyone know where i can find a tutorial on how to animated a butterfly with expressions in after fx? I already researched but i did find with keyframes not with expressions. thanks
  3. Thanks Guys! i appreciate :-)
  4. Thank you thomwill :-) i'll check it. Sao Bento thank you for your advise, next time i'll do it right. Cheers
  5. Hello everybody! i wondering if any one know who are the studios that usually do mographs for basketball. I'm in third world and the connection is very slow, so i can't research each one on motionographer, it takes forever. thank you
  6. Thank you very much guys, i'll see wish of the ways is better, very good responses i appreciated :-D, i'm gonna print it to read carefully. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, i have a canon rebel camera, 8 megapixels and i need a photo for a billboard with 12 meters / 3 meters, do you think that it is possible to scale up the RAW file or it's better to use a old camera with film? thanks
  8. Hey Kong! :-) thanks man! yeah of course i can explain you. The transformation is very simple, i place the turn table and the sindicato icon in the same place, turn table background and icon foreground, animate the turn table opacity from 100 to 0 and the icon from 0 to 100. i did the smoky effect with sindicato without the icon with a black and white image of fire used as track matte in after effect. i hope you would understand, my english is pretty bad :-) is you want i can send you the project :-). cheer bro!
  9. Hey guys, here is some of my work :-) comments are well come. http://bigbert.vfs.com/%7Edd06carlos/carlo...s/Projecto.html Thanks T6
  10. terminalsix


    This is the stuff that I've been doing for one year at school. Please comments are welcome. http://bigbert.vfs.com/~dd06carlos/wordpre...sFlash/Reel.mov Cheers Carlos
  11. I got around to visiting it and it's amazing. Not only does it contain a large job board but also links to all over the creative world. enjoy carlos
  12. terminalsix


    check this out guys! i really like the interfece it's very friendly and the download is fast. http://www.cmivfx.com/tutorials.asp
  13. Thanks Seabass, it seems to work. :-) appreciete
  14. Thanks guys! yeah i'm looking for something more then going back and forth :-) i'm already using remapping but i was looking for artifacts and i believe the idea shiftpixel gave me is gonna work i only need to find a vhs :-) heheh. No problem if i get this stauff i'll share with you. Thanks
  15. Hi guys! i wonder if anybody know how can i get this kind of effect? forward or rewind image on screen like video cassete. I hope you would understand what i mean :-) thanks
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