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  1. thank you very much for the file i managed to achive similar effect... i now just did it with the color tab in the effctor. this changes my clone color from a loaded picture to a color or v.v. when it reaches the fallof of the effector. i was not what i originally intented to do but for my purposes it`s ok now.... but anyway.. until now 147 users have read my question und there have been just 2 users with an idea.. seems that the thing i want to do isn`t so easy with the mograph data note.... or is it? maybe it was not challenging enough for some of you, because i just don´t see thats it´s even very very simple and basic?
  2. hello rva8 but you are right. i used proximal before with half-good results.. the setup was like this... i have a magazine in A4 Dimensions. This one is setup from cubes. e.g. 21 in width, 29 in height. i put the picture of the cover of the magazine on the cloner object, flat-mapping, stick texture set to on in clone-object. in the alpha channel or the transparancy channel of this texture lies the proximal shader, definined in there my target. the clones are spreading anywhere all over space from the random effector. and as the clones which have just another texture come closer to the target, the alpha of the cover texture becomes smaller and smaller from the proximal that the covertexture which is in the cloer itself overlays the orange clones... the problem then was that i had only a circular area on the clone object where the texture was visible. this is because of proximal i think where yoz can only specify a circular gradient....
  3. hello mograph people.. i hope you guys can help me out a little bit what i have: Cloner clones in it (for example let`s say 100, cloned on a plane with 10x10 division) random effector spreads clones in x anz z position one null-object as a target what i want to achieve: those clones, that come closer to the target object, defined by a certain value ( if the difference in z- position of a clone and the target is lower than e.g. 10 or so..) have to fade in / out ( control the transparancy, visibility.. or something like that), or change texture would also be great... Today i got some good results with the data node, range mapper ... and so on.. but only for one single clone - because in the data node properties you say which indexed clone mograph has to read out values from, that you can pass through the range mapper to something else... i really think that this xpresso-circuit is not so complicated as i go for it maybe. plz help me out, i am in the middle of a one way street I`m afraid thank you so far best from germany
  4. ladies and gents.... thank you very much so far for that inspireing and actually very funny thread! i laughed my ass off! hahaha! what i did and what works best i think..: i have my converted poyplane, subdivided 10x10 i draw a 3point b-spline with the 3d snapping activated on its surface. one point at the right, on in the middle and one on the the left on the x-middleline of my polyplane. now i duplicate that spline, name the both different! set up a point node/object- the copied spline /null object expression in xpresso for controling the left an middle points via null-objects! this has the advantage that you do not need to use PLA which always animate only linear! deform the spline with driving the points via the null object. record that over time! use the built in spline deformer, the old one! ;-) going back to my roots...;.-) throw in the original (still spline) and the animated one! set uo the curve correcty. the animation works perfect. you can still add points to the second spline for more deformation! and animate to have more realistic results. keep in mind that the point index might change... was that relativlely clear..? ;-) native german!
  5. hello good guys out there i`m looking for an advice! i need to create a sticker peel from a surface! the sticker was already "sticked" on the surface ( a bottle) by the mesh deformer of renato! now it must peel like someone really peels it from the surface of the bottle! plz don`t supply me with hints like "use the twist/bend" deformers... ;-) it`s actually for a real professionel tv-ad and has to look perfect. i did many test with lots of different technics! none of them really satisfied me at the end. i played around with deformaton via splines in several ways, tieing points of those splines to null-objects via the xpresso-point node to have more control.... for e.g or. clothilde, which had very poor effects also tried the c4d built-in spline deformer with that original/target-spline thingy... what abour the spline rail deformer? any proposuals on that? is anybody out there, that has ever done a real good looking "peel from surface" effect in c4d? thank you for your replies in advance. best
  6. wow, you`re my man, mr. c smith! i`ve not checked the scenefile yet, but the qt looks exact the way i want it to be! i wanted to test ist with hair too, these days, but i did not come nearer to my workstation than about 3 kilometers...;-( thank you so much. i`m on my notebook rigth now, i`ll check the file on my workstation with C4D R10 and Hair installed tomorrow! hav a nice day, here in germany it`s already getting dark and we have a very poor summer here! very cold, very rainy. bye
  7. *lol* thats what i did right now..... thank you so much. i did not know this xpresso point node.... damn, thats what i need to learn much more then only drink it! if you or you others have any new ideas, please post them here.... govinda, do you work freelande or for a company. do you have a webpage up? seems like you can be a good tutor...
  8. govinda, thank you. i`ll open your file now. i`ll give you my feedback as soon as possible. fot the first spot i got to manage it... it`s not at the original level, but i think i can get there now... animated a polygon with 3 points thru space with the tracer on. cloner set to object, thrown the tracer in, then my words on simple 1x1 quads, randomly repeated. i converted the tracer afterwards and put a twist and wind deformer beneath the spline that was generated when converting the tracer. that can make me deform the spline, and at the same time my sweep nurbs as a whole, but the only point i really do not understand: how can i now animated single points of the spline, like between seconds 15-17 in the alzheimer.mov movie and affect the the attached word with that? point level anmation? see the word "in Frankfurt" slapping from the left to the right... the other little words in the background reakt almost similar... look at my result at: www.mograph.de/test2007.mov best carsten p.s. thanks to all so far
  9. what would be the the single steps doing it with hair? i`d mange to get some hair on a divided rect. poly e.g. 10x10. but how can i attach the "random" words to the end of the splines? thx for your replies in advance best from germany -access2eye-
  10. thank you for your hints so far. mr. smith, i don`t understand your explanation for the after effects part.... can you please be more detailled for how it is done in ae? thx a lot... hair could be the solution for the 2nd one.... but how.....;-) damn, your hints are getting me closer to that thing.... i`m really thankful
  11. hello folks i was blown away by this effect. http://www.mograph.de/Alzheimer.mov http://www.mograph.de/Blume.mov it`s really nice and i don´t have the slightest idea how this can be done. i know that these guys use cinema 4d. it must be some expresso script, with some spines, spline index thingy + some constraint/ follow thingy i would say... any ideas? thx for your replies
  12. hello all together i need urgent help in building a joints/ chain setup for a page curl. i have done nice pagecurls with other methods within cinema 4d, but now i think, for the result i need to achieve a bones / joints setup would be perfect. i want to lock/keep the exact size of my geometry but it should bend like a page in real world. i think this can be done with limitations on the bones / joints- chain. do you have any suggestions / tutorials / already finished setups? don`t get me wrong... it`s not about doing a page curl only. it`s about doing the curl with bones /joints... my geometry is a simple plane divided 40 by 40 and 625x502 in dimension. i lies on xz (on the floor) the bottom right corner and the top right corner must stay fixed. i want to make joints from these points to the corners of the page on the bottom and top left. these joints should bend my geometry and do the flip/curl to the right always leaving my page 625x502 but bended like a page that`s curled/flipped thank you very much for your answers.
  13. here`s the example: www.xs2eye.de/spline/preview_spline.mov the point at the bottom always stays there. the other 3 points move and bend (with the handles) i have to recreate the page curl done by a hand in liveaction! i have a rotoscoped hand which does the real page curl, but i want to replace the origninal magazine with a new 3d magazin. the right part as you can see is already done... i want the splines always to habe the same length. don`t want to do every frame by hand. (the resulting page) must always have the same length. otherwise my texture would swim/flow/glitch.... i hope i can make things clearer now.... ps... how would you do this with the splinewrap???
  14. thank you for your reply. i`ll post you an example today. it`s about creating a turning page. two exact splines put into a loft nurbs. one at Z=0 the other z=625. i have a point level animation for the four points. the spine in the forground bends and the other one in the backl bends the same way with an offset in the timeline of 2 frames..... i`ll post the link with an example today...
  15. hello c4d users how can i make shure that a spline is keeping it`s exact lengh even when i`m swinging around with the bezier handles? my bezier-spline has 4 points. the first one is hard-interpolated, the fourth is also. points 2 and 3 have soft interpolation (handles...) i want the spline to be always the same lengh between poin 1 and 4. point 2 and 3 shoud be kind of locked... to always fit the lengh... ( want to move/bend them inbetween along the distance between 1-4) is there an xpresso script? do you guys understand? thx for your replies
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