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  1. I am actually quite interested to see what people have to say here. Off the top, let me say that I dont edit. But I have overseen maybe 500+ jobs, and in my humble opinion, its not the program, its the talent which makes the difference. We cut our first videos on a lap top in 2000, and while we've become more sophisticated since then, again, I will always say it is the talent, not the tools, which makes the difference. I know this post was for the tech issues and I am interested in seeing what people prefer, just pointing out that again its that talent.
  2. Sorry in advance for the book here, but....: since you mention not wanting to waste time interning at a company like Aestheticom, I figure what the heck, invite a string of more cynical comments, maybe, but what they hey, right? The last intern we brought in was advanced to a decent pay per day (100 bucks a day. It wont stop the kids from 'eating spaghetti out of the sink', but its better than nothing). That was after 2 or 3 days a week for maybe 2 or 3 months (please pardon my lack of details its not for not caring its for being busy with lost of other things as well, plus, I work from our EU office 4,000 miles away its tough to stay on top of every detail). What I see as far more important is that we just worked together on his first national (U.S.) campaign. We could have easilly passed this important project to someone else, but, sincerely, I wanted him to have a spot like that on his thin, thin reel (he's straight out of school). Obviously there are a lot of benefits for my firm too, but I thought it was a good thing, all around. His rough was, er, so rough that the project manager discussed cutting losses and going to another creative. We stuck it out, which included mulitple proofs, and dodging a few salient questions from our client. I'm not trying to strike any impressive pose, I could care less, really, I base my personal satisfaction on a job well done, not any impression I am setting here, really, but I just thought I would relate the fact that internships at my company CAN have their benefits. As a matter of fact, two people from a school here (I work from our Stockholm office) enjoyed their internship with us last year (yes, they flew 4,000 miles for those 3 months) that the school sent me 4 candidates this year (we try to limit our internships to 3 or 4 months). On a final note, I got my first job after interning for five months, in the mailroom, no less. I was far more qualified, but, having no actual work experience, worked it out. I ended up at that firm for 8 years. Not because they needed me, at first, but becuase I forced them to need me, if even for a coffee run. My attitude was 'milk or sugar'? OK go ahead drag me through the mud for that positive attitude, but I only left the firm after achieving the goals I set for myself, and, after 'thanking' my boss indirectly for that opp by bringing success to his company (and of course myself). Some intern who didnt work out at my company, who I dont believe I have even met, complained about his experience with us, maybe thats where you get this from. Thats too bad becuase having interned with us, if he had ever emailed me about needing work, or freelance, if he had gotten good, I for sure would do my best to help advance him, since he had helped my company. Sorry for the book of a reply here, but, I dont like seeing disinformation about my company posted. We cant put the same effort into each and every intern, but I can say you really can change the course of your future based on how you approach things. If I were you, I would try to get an internship at my favorite graphics house, eat shit, as they say, until that company has no choice but to hire you. With the right tude, you might just make that happen.
  3. Bill


    ....I suck.... well I suppose not only your talent has improved, your tone and command of the english language has as well. Send me an invoice for $60 and it will be paid whether you are right or wrong, I've overseen every paid bill in 6 years and know none are outstanding, even if in some cases yes the amount of time it took to pay was too long. The $60 is worth knowing which intern it was we gave a chance to learn, develop their reel, work on some interesting projects and come back years later with a tone like this. Just want to mark down who you are (not like you've posted your name--Mike??). For the record, why would you need to take a train to collect the money? You can email me.
  4. Bill


    Aspekt, You worked for us in 1999? Thats when we started, we had one creative, two interns, for a grand total of two full timers and two interns. I dont recall anyone at with us at any other salary in 1999. I did bump an intern up in early 2000 to an entry level salary, maybe thats you, Mike (if so hello there). I still thank the fact that I began my carrer as an intern and was bumped to entry level to this day, back when. You could say my first boss offered me a bum deal, I say he gave me an opportunity. As for the position open, obviously its not right for everyone. It is clearly right for the people who sent in their resumes. I am excited about the people who see an opportunity here. Trust me they can take that ball and run with it. As for the people like yourself who require more than what this position offers, if you have any interest in the work we do, why not email me directly in regards to freelance? Maybe your work is pretty good and we would meet your freelance rate standards. A few have emailed me to that effect already and tne project is already close to being approved on this basis (we're hoping the client likes the solution as much as we do). I would actually look forward to posting the results if so, but, considering the spirit of some of these posts, will probably just leave well enough alone, I was hoping the level of intelligence here would be higher than what it is, in some cases. Sincerely, Bill
  5. Bill


    Rother, you seem to have a pretty good grip on time travel thing, maybe you'll get a kick out of the video we just did which features, yes, er, vikings.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFq2YJKYa-k my favorite quote on you tube: beer tankards? check. spinning heads? check. throwing tables around? check (and so on). Well maybe its not your cup of mead, but give it a second you might get a kick out of it... I do admit the 'reel' should be larger, but since we posted it there to give people something to watch while the site loaded, didnt want to overdo it. But yeah its way to tiny, we should, update it and include a link to a bigger version.... Bill
  6. Bill


    Hello. Ive seen some incredible work up on this site, I only came accross this website lately and wish I had a long time before. Anyway I thought I would post our little reel and site as well. I am especially proud of the theme music we had an artist pen (program?) for us for our little reel which auto launches when you visit the site. I have a dream one day to fill the NY planeterium with friends family clients general joes and janes so i can play the reel real big and just as importantly crank that music up. Wash rinse and repeat.... I think that would be neat, especially once the chairs started shaking. Tom Hanks narratting the 'endless travels' or whatever its called piece there is fun, but Id like to see our reel there as well..... hey how about all our reels? Like a 'reel deal' event once a year? Oh behave.... You might also note we added a job listing here the other day.... we are refreshing our aesthetic direction.... Ive already gotten some really great replies, I love it.... we are a very small shop, but that never inhibits our goals, aspirations or where we want to be/will get... if you have something nice to say do email me at bill@aestheti.com if you like. Well do have a nice day. www.aestheti.com Bill
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