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  1. Or how bout the friggin' goat sound from the render engine failure. It'll be great, you will killed by colleagues by the afternoon.
  2. Hey guys, thought I might chime in. I have had the same quicktime import crashing problem since installing the FinalCut crossgrade and updating to quicktime 7.1.3. I am running AE6.5 (don't ask) and the only solution I found was to remove the 2 avid meriden components to quicktime in the library/quicktime folders, named as: AvidAVUICodec.component AvidAVDJCodec.component once I did this AE started right up, still running fine. Once I drop these bad boys back in, bam! Crashes again. Wasup w'dat? I dunno...but my workaround is to have a shortcut to that folder and drop them in and out when needed, which is pretty much several times a day.... Anyway, I guess Avid needs to update those Meridien components to work with the newest quicktime, btw, I found a June2006 version of those and when I put those in AE still crashes, but with those I can't even export a meridien quicktime out of the quicktime player, all I get is a gray screen, so I am using the 2002 versions and that works fine for reading/import/export (once I drop them back into the quicktime folder). All versions of these components are available in the downloads on the avid website...let me know if you need links... Hope this helps somebody else.... pape
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