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  1. I got an HDR setup! How would u make the fresnel effect?
  2. Looks like this CG glass I want it to look more realistic. Just looking for some tips.
  3. I am animating some glass flying across frame. Anyone have any tips on rendering Glass. Right now I am using mental rays dieletric material with an image based enivonrment dome. Any input would help thanks i want it to look bad-ass. haha
  4. Ya i have been thinking about blendshapes but i think i need a bit more control. But i may use that as an secondary contrl.
  5. So I'm trying to make a Sphere split into two in a dough-like way but finish in a more defined shape. I was thinking maybe nCloth but it need to be a more defined shape so maybe more of a rigged thing idk. It will go from one Sphere and split into two with a bar connecting kinda like an atom! Has anyone done something like this ?? Any ideas would help Thanks
  6. Thanks man thats gonna save me a ton of time. I new it was back face culing but when i turned it on nothing happen. Why did u break up with Maya?
  7. I am trying to figure a way that I can select only the faces that are facing the camera I am looking thru. I am texturing a building and I need to map the side faces like inside the window sil so that they don't look all stretched. If anyone can help I would appreciate it
  8. // Error: (mental ray) : cannot load mi_openexr.dll, The specified module could not be found. does anyone know how to fix this. Every time I get it I do something stupid like change the render image size then it works again, but it keeps coming back. Anyone find a permanent fix for this?
  9. Well I found out that Maya Bonus tools has an audio wave node you can attach to any attr. You just create the Audio node specify where the audio is and connect the output to Time and the attr u want to the audio wave Output. Works pretty good.
  10. Has any one had experience with using Audio waves in Maya to drive different attr 's? Using script called as_audioAnimator found on Highend3d but it is a little buggy. Does anyone have a better script or method?
  11. ya i did that. I am trying right now to just change the frame rate in maya to 240 bring it into RF and then speed it back up in Maya.
  12. I have a bottle that moves really fast. I know real flow can be a big pain with stuff like this. Does anyone have tips on how to keep the real flow in the bottle when it moves really fast. My collision tolerance is as high as i can get it.
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    thats was all i needed thanks everyone
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