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  1. I agree with Cosmo on this. A lot of improvement already I'd spend some more time on the intro still. Jazz it up some more and wow us, lose the dead-space, and reconsider the bottom-heavy placement. Feels uncomfortably low (and the vimeo player bar covers its up too). In terms of edit. I agree: best stuff up front. But also feel like almost every edit could be trimmed just a little to be shorter still. Each edit seems to hang on just slightly too long. Keep in mind it's ok to time-remap or jump-cut the shit out your animations. You just want to lose any deadspace in there. Example: the first clip with the soldiers and tanks.... instead of just cutting out of it sooner, trim some time in the middle so you keep the animation-in of all the elements (which is nice) and keep explosion at the end (which is nice), but lose the slow-moving part in the middle with the fly by. Stuff like that. You still have some repeating projects in there too, which I'd lose. Feels like your TRT should be around 40 seconds... Post your next update when you got it!
  2. I agree, hold system is flawed and really only helpful to producers. A strategy I've learned is to always keep "yourself" on 1st hold for yourself- if that makes sense. Basically, only accepting 2nd holds. Then if you have other requests for holds, you give them both 2nd hold. This gives you the option to just take the first job that is ready to book and not have to wait and clear your holds up the chain. It's not promising anyone first dibs, and not shooting yourself in the foot while waiting for a release or book. By leaving yourself as a 1st hold, you're also free to take a last minute project that you really want to take- but wouldnt otherwise be able to because of the previous holds... Idk if this would work for everyone, but it's worked well for me.
  3. Hey Kyle, Good job at keeping the pace of the edit moving along- a slow moving reel is usually the first sign of inexperience. So nice work there Here's some quick feedback that I hope is helpful. - Your reel could be 30 - 45 seconds shorter. Only include your BEST stuff. If that means you have a 30 second reel, no sweat. Try and be as critical of your work as possible. If it's not up to snuff- kill it. - Cut back on the repeated projects. There's no reason to cut back to a project that we've already seen in your reel unless it's demonstrating a new technique or visual style. When you keep cutting back to the same project, showing the same thing, it tells us your lacking content and just padding out your reel. - Lose the live-action music video footage. It's the only thing in your reel of this nature and stands out. If you're marketing yourself as a mograph artist, why is there random DSLR shots of some band we don't know in it? Without a breakdown or explanation, I would have no idea how those shots apply to your design/animation skill set. - Spend some time on your intro and outro titles. This is a great place to show off your skills and personal style right off the bat and grab some attention. To be honest, you can almost always tell the quality of the reel by the intro and people really judge your reel based on that. Spend some time on it and blow us away right off the bat. Best of luck with the transition into a new environment! Hope this is helpful, Adam
  4. I give a second vote for Voices.com Had some good results and prices are reasonable.
  5. Nice work, Joe! Simple and nicely done. Love the noun project!!
  6. Maybe this is helpfuL? Check out the "Connect Point to Mask Vertex" script from Chris Green: http://www.crgreen.com/aescripts/
  7. So my wife just got accepted to a graduate program at Harvard which means we'll probably be moving to Boston later this year. I don't know much about Boston- never been, and don't hear too much about work out there. I'm a freelancer who stays super busy here in SF, and getting nervous about finding work out there. Curious if anyone's out there? Have suggestions of places for work? Good shops to work for? Production Companies? Agencies? Hell, even some suggestions on which neighborhoods to live in? Best coffee shops? I'll take anything!
  8. In my experience, it's more important to get tracking marks on the ground plane so you can get accurate position of the ground he'll be walking on. Then you can easily eyeball the speed of the ground. Since the treadmill is at a constant speed, you really only need to find it once. Once you've matchmoved the shot, put a grid layer on the ground plane and slide it under your actor at a constant speed. You'll quickly realize if it needs to move faster or slower. Then just dial it in. Sounds like a fun shoot. Good luck!
  9. Maybe add some of that dope Mervyn's stuff? Good to see you're doing well, man! The reel is great, I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting work. Good luck in NY
  10. Yeah, I've run into this before too. I think it depends on where the spot gets trafficked or something? I'm not sure how it works. I'd always prefer that SD get's letterboxed, but alas, we still have to deal with retarded center-cut. I just worked on the a the new Sprint campaign and everything we did had to be center-cut. Can't wait for the day that disappears!
  11. +1 to everything Binky said. He isn't called the "Wise Sage of Mograph"for nothing. Nice work Philip!
  12. Ah, ok cool. We'll here's 2 more ¢ The background/comp seem to have a little disconnect. He's reading this paper, checking in on basketball...and for some reason it looks like he's in some epic, medieval cathedral out of a weird action movie. The background/comp dont seem to fit with the concept. The color correction seems to heavy and magic-bullet-bloomy- too much lightwrap. So it just feels a little weird I guess. Ok, thats all my ¢!
  13. You just described what the video is. I think what the Monkey means is what were you trying to achieve with this piece? Do you want comments on the design of the UI? Of the compositing? Of the concept? Of the typography? etc.. Overall, it feels like a quick exercise in compositing and animation. Nothing stands out as particularly bad or good. My 2¢.
  14. I'd recommend getting a 15" rather then a 17". Use it with an additional external monitor when working at at desk, but 15" still gives you the flexibility to work remotely- at coffee shops or the park or whatever. 17" is just too big for portability. Also, I recommend http://www.company-name-generator.com/. It actually gives some pretty good names and also tells you if the associated url.com is taken or not.
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