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  1. getting the style, pacing, technique of the animation, the first moves, etc. always takes longer. Once that is done, you can re-use a lot of stuff and go a lot faster. For instance, if I have 3 days on a project, I tell the producers it'll take 2 days for the first half, 1 day for the second half. You're doing just fine...
  2. in our studio, the .aec crashes AE on just one machine, but opens fine on others. I find that restarting the computer and then re-saving the .aec fixes the problem in my case (in c4d render settings, just click to save a new file- no need to re-render anything). However, after I've had ae and c4d running for a while, the problem returns, so I just keep having to restart everytime I want to save an .aec files.
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    my new reel

    Great work... But why risk alienating/turning off a potential employer with that song when there's so much great "clean" music out there you could use instead? Even if it's just one person who gets majorly turned off by the song, it's still not worth it...
  4. Open up activity monitor ... see what other apps are currently running in rosetta , select them then click force quit process. From the research I did, there's something to do with Rosetta and its naughty memory sharing issues. I was finally able to render stuff that I hadn't succeeded just by quitting out of bknd applications and such that were still running in rosetta.
  5. "can you amp it up... like make it younger"
  6. There are a few financial benefits to aiga which could help offset off the membership costs. If you're considering purchasing a lot of adobe software in the near future, they'll get you 15% discount. In the past, I've also gotten full copies of software such as motion by attending aiga sponsored training sessions. They do offer some kind of health insurance option, but I've never looked into that to see if it's cheaper or not. You save some money if you're planning to attend any of their conferences or submit your work to their awards. Plus it's a full tax write off, so depending on whether you'll use the deduction, it could end being worth it.
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