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  1. this is my crunch time go to - remember, the future is 30 yrs old http://misteritalo.blogspot.com/ and then a bit of lazerhawk and I'm good
  2. Thanks Jarbrain - I just need to make an all new one from the ground up - I do like the intro as well, hopefully that will hook enough people to stay for a bit longer haha, thanks man
  3. Hopefully I will be able to re-edit this in a month or two - The cuts are fast and sometimes unwarranted but here ya go! https://vimeo.com/68634942
  4. found it - - - - - - now how about the button to delete this post? where's that now
  5. Hello: I haven't been back here in a long time, everyone was a maya user back then - I mostly work with building projection so it was hard to get everything in a reel format but here ya go - https://vimeo.com/70154229
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