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  1. Check out these guy's website there' more cool and funny videos: http://www.onewingfly.com/ It's not the kind of big budget slick graphics, it's more organic creative stuff... I love the dancing one it's a hilarious superhero spoof!!!
  2. Here's an idea: to prevent any member from sending any PM unless they have made a post. None of these spammers did. I also thought of testing new members on registration to see if they know any Mograph, then I felt reassured I was registered already... if you follow me...
  3. Hi All, I haven' posted for a while I'm on holidays, left my job, girlfriend and going to teach in China.... But this is one occasion for a post and I'm surprised I haven't seen it on another one: I received this from member Jesica guys: "Hello, how are you today? i hope that every thing is ok with you. it is my pleassure to contact you after viewing your profile which really interest me in having communication with you. if you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what happene in future, then email me for easy communication. Here is my email (jesicabrown@ymail.com) i will be waiting to hear from you as i wish you all the best for your day. your new friend. jesica." HELP. She's after me. She's going to want my money, babies and all spare time. Please eradicate this member from the mograph community!
  4. Hi All, Hope this is not a re-post but that guy's made a really good animation of the day of dead in Mexico. Great camera work, animation, look, website, everything imho. http://www.vivacalaca.com/ Enjoy
  5. Yeah I know we're 2008 we all got broadband but sheez this is way too long!
  6. Hi Yoni, I was going to translate the entire website for you, I swear, but I'm kind of too busy ... However I did for you what you've been too lazy to http://www.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%...sl=fr&tl=en Now if there is a specific plugin which you'd like some clarification about then ok I might do some handy work... Antoine
  7. Nice one Govinda! This guy indeed has some fine plugins, C++, Coffee, Xpresso... http://ykoeth.free.fr/blog/
  8. I've been considering moving back to France, so I started looking for job listings and found this one: http://www.blue-search.com/ found a mograph job listed there... Bonne chance! (ie good luck) Antoine
  9. The only thing I think of is to loft the spline with a regular grid of rectangles, hide it then set the Cloner to Object, drop the Loft then set the Mode to to Surface or Polygon Center, but that's not ideal. If you don't need to have your spline updated at some point you can always clean up the polygons on the converted loft, if that all makes sense
  10. Hi everyone, I got my work PC reinstalled the other day because my RAID failed... The systems guy updated it with SP3 (I wish I looked at it first...) and now I have problems. For example Adobe's Production Studio Premium CS2 won't activate all of the apps. Adobe UK is on the case.. Also Cinema 4D comes to a halt and freezes one of the screens for a short while, very very weird... Has anyone got any info or similar experience with this? Cheers
  11. Just downloaded and playing with the free Filter Forge plugins and it seems cool and useable enough.
  12. oops... Yes, martial arts can give you: - physical exercise therefore energy to think and feel - knowledge of balance - you can't kick (/create) properly without it - mental and emotional strength And learn to cook, it's very creative and it feels damn good... Besides that in my experience Ladies Love a man who can cook ... And music, friends, etc... Thanks to all for the great posts
  13. In addition to what imcalledandy said, this guy's portfolio is pretty impressive: http://www.milanoadvertising.com/specials/fluid.htm
  14. Great Insight into the Spline Warp functionality! I learnt a few things about spline interpolation too Big thanks for this mini-tutorial!
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