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  1. I think the issue is that the graphics and lighting are just so rich that the interface gets lost during a fast race. A little too much visual info to parse when screaming down the road at 180MPH, avoiding traffic and taking out the other racers... Still a great game, though. Can't wait to get my own PS3 so I can play it on my new 46" Samsung LCD.
  2. I dunno...the whole "city exploration" deal just doesn't fit with the series. I much preferred when I could just choose what I wanted to do from a menu and not have to worry about driving all the way back across town to get to the next race. The races get frustrating when you don't know the route, plus the turning blinker and bouncing street signs just aren't enough; they aren't easy to see and don't happen fast enough (considering that I'm staring ahead of my car and not looking at the top of the screen during a race). The crash "Showtime" feature is hilarious, I do enjoy that...just have to hit enough charter buses!
  3. Marconius

    No Country...

    No Country was a welcome breath of fresh air in the theatres, completely delivering a non-Hollywood style movie and story, as tends to be the case with every Coen Bros. movie. ****Spoilers*** The ending was brilliant, as it ties directly into the opening speech. You can feel the sentiment of Tommy Lee Jones; always one step behind, with more and more outlandish things happening within his jurisdiction. His lament of just not being fast enough carries on after the climax; the climax itself amazing since it begins to expose the flaws of the characters. No matter how much of a survivalist you may be, it only takes one mistake or accident to change everything (Brolin has a drink, and ends up not being able to defend himself; Chigurh in the car accident; Brolin never telling his wife anything, so she ends up bringing her mother along who inadvertently gives away Brolin's position.) I don't want to see another Hero wins, cookie-cutter Hollywood ending. This film absolutely delivered.
  4. If you want to trash the Bridge prefs, have you tried holding down Command+Option+Shift while launching Bridge? That will bring up the dialog box that allows you to trash the settings file and restore Bridge to it's defaults. This key command would by Shift+Ctrl+Alt on a PC.
  5. Hi all, Here's our update information. Most of our universal plugs are ready to go. http://digitalanarchy.com/updates/updates_video-OS.html
  6. Hey Adolfo. Yeah, pretty much all of our products are ready to go as Universal builds. Just have to complete testing and close a few problems before releasing. We were actually planning for an end of July release, but Adobe went on ahead and just released CS3 with no forewarning. Yay..... :glare:
  7. And all my fellow developers out there release a collective "sigh", lamenting the coming update hell...
  8. My god...it's full of stars...
  9. The new Adobe installers are absolutely horrid (and I've had to struggle through every iteration of them for development...they've come a LONG way). Really weird that the cleaner script didn't work for you, sao...I only had to run that once after one of the Photoshop CS3 installers broke during an install.
  10. I think I posted this a while ago (pre-MoGraph crash), but here we go. This is what happened when I found out about Trapcode and Knoll Light Factory for the first time: http://marconius.com/Prism_FullNTSC.mov I've been cured, I swear!
  11. The WiiPlay game set is kind of neat, especially if you love Miis. Ping-pong, fishing, laser hockey, a Mii "Where's Waldo" puzzle game...mainly the cool thing is that it comes with a free Wiimote. Only issue I have with it is that a good majority of the games deal with the light-sensing pointing ability of the wiimotes, whereas the Wii Sports uses the accelerometer for most of the games (ask about my down-the-hall blind bowling strikes sometime). A Metal Slug anthology set came out, and it kicks major ass. I just tried out FarCry: Vengeance today, and multiplayer takes a loooong time to get used to. First-Person shooters are pretty finicky without a lot of time spent on the initial setup.
  12. I would be peeved about losing my artwork and music collection if my computer went down, not to mention the massive porn...er..."inspiration" collection. Yes...inspiration...
  13. Marconius

    What I did today

    Why, this totally gives Bonanza a run for it's money!
  14. Be sure to check your AE install disc for all the free Cycore filters...a lot of people tend to miss those.
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