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  1. haha.. give me three month and a render farm and i'll do it
  2. Hi.. happy new year to all of mograph addict.. just want to share with you an animation i made about our hobby : - Best ...
  3. kurtzmedias

    Open title

    Hi all ... here is my new open title BPhoton : Concept / Direction / Animation / Compositing / Shooting / 3D Prod : BPhoton SOUND : Walter Mair Magnesium project : Director Jason ARBER / Producer Janey ROBINSON LIEN : best
  4. Hi... our aim was to built the City, the stadium, the riviera and the buildings which look like letters... and also the two first buildings that glow We did it on C4D.. The logos and symbol have been made by Capacity.. and also the animation of course.
  5. Hi all ... just want to post a topic about the last NFl broadcast piece made by Capacity.tv.. We made some 3d ... Capacity is human size company, talented and very creative. http://www.capacity.tv/selectedWorks.html#/NFLGames you could find some extra still frame i made on my web site : www.bphoton.com Best
  6. Hi all... i would like to show you my new identity //// gkaster becomes : www.bphoton.com A new reel is on his way .... Best
  7. Hi alL.. here is a contest with some rush available. best http://www.mattrunks.com/contest/contest-5-artificial-intelligence-vs-nature-by-gkaster-kromotion/
  8. http://vimeo.com/15427142 Obny added super sound design to that animation. We always need to remind ourseleve that the sound make 50 % of the result.
  9. thank you man.... it's a real pleasure to work with real things sometime and not only 3D virtual objects.
  10. Hi all ... just want to show you this : http://gallery.mac.com/kurtz4#100332&bgcolor=black&view=grid It's a compilation of my work since some years... and also that little movie i made last week with my panasonic GH1 There are two version http://vimeo.com/15426271 http://vimeo.com/15427142 BEST
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