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  1. BNS did a very similar spot almost a year ago. It was for some sort of design conference I think. Who ever concepted THAT job deserves the credit on this one as well. It's the same concept and visual gag. Everyone else, tbwa, the flame guy, and mark romanek included are just production at this point.
  2. shone237


    Actually my wife reminded me it was $15 a day and you owed me $30. As for giving me some magical opportunity, get over yourself. You used me as unpaid labor and the only thing I gained fom the experience is animosity. I didn't need to be such an a-hole in my last post. I'm just sick of people like you coming into forums like this to take advantage of peoples enthusiasm. Fronting like you are giving people the big break they need, when in fact all your doing is contributing to the decay of our industries ethics.
  3. shone237


    Hi Bill, I was one of the interns you mentioned. I worked for free, 2 days a week for 3 months, till you agreed to pay me $30 a day, on my last week. You never even covered my lunch or subway fare. I was horrible back then, agreed. However the fact is, I was churning out this garbage (under your partners creative direction) and you had clients paying you for it. At the end of the day you stiffed me on the only week you were actually going to pay me. I was working 2 jobs to put myself through school and you stiffed me $60! Then on top of that you gave me the run around, for Fucking $60. I never got it, I couldnt even afford the train ride to keep coming to harass you for it. So I'm glad to see you getting bashed by the new kids who are smarter than I was. YOU SUCK!
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