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    Yes, and as i remember, all the desks were made out of alumnium, i really love static discharge EVERY TIME I TOUCH MY DESK!!!
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    Hey, just decided to chime in finally, i've been enjoying watching the flames spread. To clarify, i was never an intern for you, I was the first associate designer you hired to be staff. To be fair, intially, things were off to a good start, however management seemed to be to distracted by the ongoing dot.com boom. I found it very unusual to prioritize the creation of a streaming video website, over paying client projects which I also had to do. At the time, there were only 2 creatives there to handle all of the projects, diverting from paying work for a pipedream really was a complete mismanagement of resources and talent. So i resigned, and went to art direct at a proper dotcom, and 7 years later, i'm still art directing (in event production) and the creatives which i used to work with at aesthicom, now freelance for me. I'm thinking about going back to freelance, cause i feel i still have alot to learn, i have some work up @ vrlabz.com, let me know if i suck and should stop making stuff. My whole point is, you should be more realisitc about the kind of people you'll get in nyc for $34k, that's a little higher than usual entry level for design, but don't expect any sort of designer with talent and experience to take that. This being said, i do not feel that aesticom was not a useful stepping stone in my career, although that was mainly in part because of how much i had learned there from the now departed CTO.
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