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  1. does anyone know who made the recount titles? or at least does anyone know where i could find a quicktime of it? thanks
  2. you act like there is no such thing as a hack
  3. haha who ever added "Some have termed this 'freaking' the keyframes, but this usage would be likely be met with guffaws, as there isn't a paid animator alive who doesn't use other kinds of ramping than 'easy ease.'" must not watch a lot of reels. i could post a ton of studios who dont even freakem
  4. right, the idea is that he is trying to get exposure. you nailed it
  5. some of you are way to up tight
  6. http://mographwiki.net/%22Freaked%22_key_frames
  7. Hey guys I work and live in nyc(bk). I have to get LA out of my system, i just want to go for a few months and try to get some freelance gigs. I was wondering if anyone else does this on a regular basis? I looked at some car rental places and looks like 600 a month is pretty standard... this is kinda crazy though. im not worried about finding work, or finding housing (have some friends) its just getting around. would buying a car for 3 months then selling it be kinda ridiculous? any advise would be great thanks!
  8. drj

    tv static

    awesome thanks guys ill try all this out
  9. drj

    tv static

    www.psyop.tv/napster01 is it just displacement map/turbulance map/noise? i feel like they take it to the next level.. but not sure how!. what about the off registration.. is there a keyable way to get that effect? ive searched but nothing as good as this... any idea would be awesome
  10. what was that spot where it was paint on a brick wall and people were playing soccer and they would kick the ball from wall to wall or something? thanks
  11. drj

    final reel

    I posted the rough of this a week or 2 ago, here is the final http://www.somethingsavage.com/reel/dansav...spring_reel.mov thanks!
  12. drj

    Fresh portfolio

    awesome site, the only thing that bothers me is that you wrote the titles on the computer with the mouse.. just doesn't hold up to the rest of the site. i would pick a nice font or actually hand draw it and scan it in.
  13. drj

    student reel rough cut

    thanks so much guys! I will post the final soon
  14. drj


    yea i agree, the second half is a million times better. dont use rosewood.. its awful and reminds me of paris hilton's simple life. so many better wood fonts out there. how did you get that effect on the anatomy of a letterform with the crumbly orange stuff? is it just cut up in illustrator and animate each part? good work. if you tune up the beginning to match the end it would be awesome.
  15. drj

    student reel rough cut

    thanks guys! really appreciate the kind words. I will have it finished with a cool intro sometime this week. SVA is overrated
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