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    Pretty lame they couldn't even muster a spark of originality -- but at least they realised how toxic the whole 'bro-' culture was, I winced every time I saw that damn name.
  2. Guessing you'll have seen this but for me it's Depends on the mood though of course. For what it's worth though, it's a bit of a cop-out to dig around for other people's treatments, so if you're serious about coming up with something hot then spend time with the subject matter, find your own path - and not by trawling through vimeo
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    I can see why you did it this way, but I'm distracted by the missing fingers. It wouldn't need much - just a hint of the knuckles tucked away behind the thumb should do it. But the fingers do have a nice swishy walk, almost provocative ;-) and a tasty illustrated feel.
  4. Thanks aeko - yup modelling the custom stuff did take a lot longer than I thought, although I should mention there's a load of stock stuff in there too - the floors/walls, the screens, background machinery. Basically - anything that looks fairly decent isn't mine ;-) In the old days the purist in my would have balked at this and I've have modeled everything up myself - but now I'm much less bothered about bringing in whatever is available, it's more about getting the thing finished and moving on. The same applies to the perfect paint/metal work. Sure I could have added some grime but it would have added a ton of work, working out grime maps, projections for all the moving parts, UVing, baking... Basically with this sort of personal project it's incredibly easy to lose focus, and the whole thing just slides away into the hard-drive abyss... so once I found a look I liked that was quick to set up and render, I could then post-rationialise it as an artistic decision (ie the sterility of the environment reflects the total inhumanity) and get on with it. Just don't tell anyone it was laziness ;-)
  5. One of my favourite pieces from last year, this is still shockingly good.
  6. Strange this, some people I've shown this too (my kids included) spot it straight away. Others - designers included - stare without spotting it asking what am I talking about?
  7. Cheers for that, and good to see you here. Like going back to an old haunt after a decade and meeting a familiar figure, hidden in the shadows behind a bottle of whiskey... Yup agree that the chemistry section is a bit separate, it was a late change of direction when I just wanted to get it wrapped up and move on - I had the ending sorted but didn't know quite how to get there. Initially the gas was going to get sucked into cannisters of 'vim-e-go!' or something, and the gloop left behind sucked into branded syringes, but I was worried the whole thing was getting so repetitive the audience would be bored as hell by then - yeah, we get it, social media is a drug *yawn* next... so I thought the 'hidden' logo would be something different, to reward the attentive viewer. Did you see the hidden logo...? Thanks too for the feedback about the materials etc, good to get some detail like this. - C
  8. I did a short thing about my feelings towards social media, the good & bad. It's a pretty personal piece, happened to land at the same time as the CA/Facebook scandal, which was pure luck but it was exactly this sort of thing I was thinking about while cooking up the ideas. It's the least 'distracted' piece I've made I think - ie I didn't get bogged down in irrelevant details or flashy effects like I normally do, but tried to stay focussed on getting it finished without losing the thread too much. So there's zero flashy camera work, quite a few of the meshes are from stock except the detailed machines, and there's very little post - it's mostly straight renders with some colour correction. And from a production point of view it's pretty straightforward, a bit of rigging and one simple Houdini setup, which is a version of Simon Fiedler's setup from a while back. From a mograph piece it's actually pretty boring, even to me ;-) but hopefully the audience reaction is more about the ideas behind it than the surface stuff. It's been funny to see the reception, which has been pretty positive, and the ironic likes/shares - and observe the exact effect on me that the whole thing is about. Dopamine kicks from the comments and peer reviews even when I try to stay detached - it's hard to stay immune which is what makes the whole social media 'experiment' so hazardous. There's more detail here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/63696503/Side-Effects Fire up any questions about anything, or any suggestions about what I did wrong ;-)
  9. Try DJV: http://djv.sourceforge.net/ It takes minimal interface to a new level, but it's full featured, plays DNxHD and ProRes AND .exr sequences (QTPro couldn't do that). And it's open source. And free. Nice.
  10. Not much you can do about it, just don't play that game. And if you're 'pushed' by a producer to take a direction that's too similar to something else, and your objections aren't being heard - probably better to walk away. You could get all whiny on his vimeo page if you like, but who benefits? Plus, you don't know the full story, he might have had horrible ethical dilemma but needed the cash to fix his grandma up with a new hip? Best just to rise above it. The flip-side is that with online everything, and everything open to public comment - this can easily backfire when someone gets really lazy and pimps a blatant ripoff of something well known. FITC was ripped off elsewhere too, look near the bottom of this link: http://www.elischiff.com/blog/2016/2/16/ubers-atomic-meltdown But here, I think, Uber got called out and took it down; or I assume so anyway, it's gone away (the vimeo link in the article isn't the same as it was when they relaunched). As, I imagine, has the designer who left them open to ridicule.
  11. It's a bit creepy, 'look who's watching you!!', and prone to spamming, but LinkedIn has been great for getting connections made. I guess recruiters/producers love it because they can see your location, work history and who you've worked for before. Just don't go joining too many groups unless you want your inbox flooded with endless dirge.
  12. Not exactly a brilliant example, but might be useful reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kla4aByG5Ms
  13. Here ya go: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=468415 Link is still live.
  14. Only you know your storage needs, and I don't know much about manufacturers ports or whatever... but the sizes all seem much too small. My disk cache is 750Gb and I'm emptying it regularly. 256Gb for projects, same for Applications? Pokey. Unsubstantiated opinion based on observation - a decent drive less than half full is far quicker and more reliable than a super-duper nifty top-spec drive with 90% space taken up.
  15. If you're on a Mac, try Nodes. It's driven by random/noise/oscillator style data, so it's not useful for a specific number set, but if I needed to create a bunch of GUI-type data readouts, this is what I'd go for; simple to use and there's some fine controls you won't find in Form: http://www.yanobox.com/Nodes/
  16. Midway through Bret's stuff, the character weighting one particularly - this is excellent, answered so many questions about the whole process. Lovely stuff.
  17. To be fair, Ianfreeze explicitly linked to a video showing geo-lighting without GI, and I suggested not using GI. So not quite. Mr SeaHorse - assuming you get a setup you like the look of, I did some neon brightness capture a while back, if you want some real-life flicker curves, file is in this thread: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=29928 Easy enough to fake doing your own curves - but not always as convincing.
  18. Sounds like you need to do a bit of debugging on that scene. Save a test version and try a render with simple white diffuse materials on everything. If you've got your lighting right, that should be fairly quick, and flicker free. You're aiming for a balanced look, no crunchy black shadows, no massively overbright white areas. Simplify as much as you can to make the test scene quick, then add details back in to look for culprits. The sweep for the 'hub' lettering looks way too dense, change the 'intermediate points' setting for the swept spline to 20° or so. If it's not working (GI and animation using C4D's renderer aren't my best friends) - don't fight it - try a solution using area lights instead. If you're in the mood, and tied to GI, the C4D help is really, really detailed in the GI sections. Specific to your case: When using IR+IR/IR+QMC: if flickering occurs on surfaces, the Samples value probably too low (four-digit figures may even be required). If, on the other hand, flickering occurs in small regions around an object, the Record Density value is too low. In this case, decreasing the Maximum Spacing value should help. If this does not do the trick, set the Record Density to a higher setting. Flickering can even occur at optimized IR+LM settings if the base light map is of poor quality (see ,Optimize Light Mapping’ below). QMC+QMC will not flicker (the render times will increase accordingly; these will be at a maximum). If the scene becomes quick with simple white diffuse material then look at the materials in the scene - some glass/metal presets I've seen knocking around have high values suited to ultra high-quality stills, but totally unsuited to animation.
  19. A bit of an update - it looks like the camera tool itself is laggy - it's not the plugins that grind at all. Orbit/pan work nicely - movie: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/574262/dump/AE2015_cameraTool.mp4 Odd. So 3D navigation in AE has gone from just awkward to awkward and laggy - new feature! On the upside, quick speed test of a comp with a few multi-layer .exr's stacked up was significantly faster in AE2015 - to build a RAM preview went from 65s to 40s. Maybe the new ProEXR plugin? Nice anyway, that's a big help for me at the moment.
  20. Comp icons in colour again! Yay ;-) GM Fold Layers still works - double yay! Lenscare, Colorista, FreshCurves all seem to work nicely. Looks like VideoCopilot's Element needs updating - 'invalid operation: modifying a locked project (1::0)', followed by a crrrash! - but it's due an update anyway. (MacPro/D700). Tested a couple of other plugins that use the 3D camera - Particular, Nodes, Plexus - playback is OK but they all navigate very poorly with the 'unified camera tool', laggy and unresponsive, the 2014.2 release is much smoother with all of these. Oddly using orbit/track camera, or just moving it around, the 2015 version works fine. Off to test the rest.
  21. That's a lovely piece of work. And the (C4D) Astronaut model is a great study in simple, classy lighting and killer texturing.
  22. The answer is revealed, turns out the correct response was 'd) none of the above'. http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/about-us/news-awards/the-foundry-announces-new-investment-from-hgcapital/
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