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  1. HEY THANKS everyone. I really tried to avoid text on this web design...but i feel you on the where is you "work" and "info" I think since the ICON/triangle?LOGO is flash i will probly have to give it some personality...perhaps with some thought bubbles telling people what to click. Might be too much? Eh at any rate... thanks again for the feedback and please keep checking the play section for all drawings, and other weird stuff. ~t
  2. gets his rate up not his hate up.

  3. Hello Everyone, i launched a new site with a lot of things i have been working on. www.haldeen.com Its been a while since i have updated so, some of the work is old news. The "play" section is a blog that i'm trying to maintain with random "ish" and my illustration work. Enjoy and feel free to comment & crit! ~bahhhhh! ~t
  4. domo arigato Mr. Ayato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are good!
  5. http://haldeen.com/motion/lasource.php a couple of spots me and george http://www.kurious.tv/ animated this summer. This is one of those projects that the client started to change things around at the last minute.... wait....thats all projects.....deep breath...and detach. Im good Lemmie know what yah think would yah?
  6. Just finished watching. Totally worth it. I shall now rule the motion graphics world with an expressive fist. Just wanted to expressssss that. der! Thanks Harry, ~tim
  7. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone had worked for, or had any information about "The Creative Group" here in NYC. Good and Bad? ~h
  8. HA!!!Im sorry thats the funniest sentence ever. (in any context) !!! At any rate nice piece! PS "I psuedo-oragnic'd your mom last night ... she emulated 4 times"
  9. ...if you select your 2.5d layers >transform>auto orient> chk- orient towards point of interest_your layers will always face your camera. (if you didn't know). May not work the way you want, depending on how you want it animated ...just a suggestion. ~h
  10. great start. The camera movements are too safe in my mind. it is always pointing in one direction paning back and forth; i'm wondering if you are trying to give it that hand held camera feel... (i think that would be great) ... you should loose the gravity. I guess what i mean is, when the ball comes at you why not flip the camera backwards to the next title card...or anyway you want for that matter. You have this void of darkness, type and soccer.....why not treat it like a void and get freaky with the camera movements/transitions? Am i making sense? Where am i? ~h
  11. Nothing is spec work. My involvement on all of these pieces is more than often from conceptualization to punchin the render button. Viacom is a slave driver and i eat it up. I would like to work with more people on larger projects... my work lacks polish. (EDRHINE) ... I do want to say sorry for kinda bashing AIC earlier. The school provided updated facilities for the industry though occasionally lacking instruction. (except Debracinni, Flannagan, and Long). ...but thats all schools, you have to want it. thanks again.
  12. Great reel...love the audio.
  13. yo! Upnorth is a sicko... Does he have a font camp or something?
  14. (Tymotion) I agree completly. I feel like i made the mistake of choosing a song that lasted 2min and let a lot of work run too long. I think that also caused me to beef up the end with good work after the first chorus, which lowers the overall intensity and bores everyone. When i cut a new reel i will be sure to make it no longer than 1min 30sec... ... but one hot minute would be pretty ...and more of a tease. (SermonoOfMockery) HA! you are so right. I am busted!!! I have no graphic design background and have no typography training! All the logos in there are very juvinal you are right. It is something new that i have been trying when i do show packaging. Logos are hard no joke! Good eyes and thanks again, ~t
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