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  1. awesome, some of the ideas outline were some of the ideas I was hoping to raise. If I was to upload these files to some torrent storage place or mirror site for free download (which I'm willing to do) would you still have a similar view? or if I said - send me 2 blank DVDs, a case to hold them, a label to put on it, and postage cost and I'll burn them for you and post 'em and charge you $10 for the effort? There is no malice intended and I actually can't think of anyway that this could be detrimental to the original maker. But, I'll outline for you the exact moment where this becomes an infringement of copyright. At the moment the file is copied. You literally have to get the rights from the owner to copy (which in this case is impossible to get from 1000 sources). So that's what make this a bootleg. I've actually been waiting for some sort of letter to see where their objection would be placed, just out of interest. The point of most of these files is to distribute them to as many people as possible, tv commercials, showreels etc. The point of suing is usually to reclaim losses, which in this case, there are none. The files were never available for commercial release, and were made freely available on the web. This though is no real defense. I would assume the real issue is taking something without the makers knowledge and selling it for a profit. (and there's not much profit, there are much better ways of making a dollar) If it were possible to get the materials for free and not spend any time to produce the item, then I'd happily make it free. I guess one of the questions for me was how to distribute and promote these works further than individual web pages scattered throughout the ether. I'd also be surprised if the site lasted longer than a week or two. But I'm more interested in initiating a response.
  2. I've gone and done something controversial which I'm sure will, at least, prompt some discussion. I'm up for it. (might at least create a spark on this board) Good idea or Bad idea? and why... look here
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