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  1. Once it's stable and out of beta I'll definitely try to get an OS X version out. I'm not a C4D user so I haven't looked into the issue at all, sorry. Probably not much I can do as it seems to be an internal problem that Maxon would have to fix themselves. I'm open for it... let Adobe know that's what you want, maybe it'll spark their interest
  2. I've just released another free plug-in, Generator, which should make working with Normality much easier: This new plug-in automatically generates a normal map from text or shape layers, so there's no longer a need to muck about with complicated 3D renderers in order to use Normality for motion graphics. Let me know how it's working for you, it's just a beta for now.
  3. Atlas is a quick port of the open-source PFStmo tone mapping operators to the Adobe After Effects plug-in format. Atlas is free software licensed under the GPL. I have just released the first version 0.1 so it might be a bit buggy and probably not fit for production, but it’s open-source so I hope to get some help to bring it up to speed fairly quickly. The right side was tone-mapped - note how the otherwise hidden detail becomes visible in the blown-out sky What’s tone mapping you ask? According to Wikipedia: The technique is particularly useful if you have HDR images, such as rendered CG-imagery (OpenEXR!) in floating point color-depth, and you want to bring that broad spectrum into a range more suitable for display on a computer monitor or television screen. There exist numerous tone mapping operators that approach this problem from different angles and achieve varying results. Currently Atlas supports the Drago, Ashikhmin, Reinhard, Mantiuk, Durand, Pattanaik and Fattal tone mapping operators. Please note that for obvious reasons the effect is most useful in 32-bit color mode with 32-bit source images. It will work in lower modes but the resulting effect might not be what you expect. Tone mapped photo of flowers Lately, the effect has also become something of a fad in photographer’s circles, as a quick Flickr Search will show. Please go ahead and download the free plug-in (including source code!) and let me know what you think! More Samples Stylized tone mapping allows for artistic effects The popular HDR photo effect
  4. I heard from other C4D users that the aliasing from their render passes system produces bad results with Normality. If C4D has a simple normal shader use should use that and do a regular render instead. That way the edges will be filtered properly.
  5. What alpha issue? You can specify a separate alpha map in the normals tabs. Otherwise the current layer's alpha is used. I've been using the software in production for years and honestly I've never come across problems with its handling of alpha channels. Please elaborate, maybe there's a quick fix I can implement for the next release.
  6. Based on feedback from my esteemed friend Andrew Kramer of videocopilot.net I have updated Normality to version 3.1. This release is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Changes include: - An entirely re-written lighting system that more accurately reflects each light's position relative to the currently shaded pixel. - The added option to render the angle of incidence to create nice back-lighting effects. - Normality now hides inactive parameters in the interface in order to make the plug-in a bit more accessible to new users. - The color and shading engine is now based on the system I developed for my 3D shaders - so in a sense Normality is now performing “true” shading. Future releases will build upon this concept by introducing a plug-in interface, allowing shader writers to develop their own shaders for use in Normality. A plug-in in a plug-in if you will. Normality is free for commercial and non-commercial use… but remember that I rely on your support and donations to fund the development. Frankly speaking: No donations = no updates. …and now go grab Normality 3.1!
  7. Cheers guys, long time lurker here. I'm the developer of the Normality plug-in. If you have any questions or issues with the software, let me know!
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