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  1. Hi, I write from Italy. Somethings writed by Rothermel are true and others not. Go here http://www.filmmaster.com/ http://www.d2b.it/index_ita.htm or watch this recrutiment link http://www.lavoricreativi.com/ If I can help u with traslation, ask. PS Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Walter


    Yes, thx so much!
  3. Walter


    Thx so much for link, great. Only a question. Are only in French the pdf? If not, where I can fnd the english version? Thx again
  4. Walter

    move camera.

    Thx so much for link. But I have a problem, I use Combustion. So, I'll try to adapt it to Combustion. Plugins?
  5. Walter

    move camera.

    hi to all. for first, sorry for my english. my simple question is, how can obtain the move camera effects? I'll fid a plugin or tutorial to make a shake camera effects. someone can help me? thx
  6. Walter


    Hi, thx for link. Very good, but I have a little problem. I use Combustion. Can I import the Ae projects in Combustion or sameone can say me if a Combustion versione exist?? Thx and sry for my english.
  7. Super super link. Nice concept.
  8. Walter


    Thx. I'm going to see it. There is some one for Combustion??
  9. Walter


    Hi to all. This is my first post on this fantastic forum. From more time I read whitout post anything. Now I have a question. I can make some effects of foliage growth like what I can see on this reel. http://www.aixsponza.de/ Thx and sorry to my bad english and all mistakes. PS. I feed myself whit your reel post.
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