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  1. hi this is a new title animation for a recent gameshow in our channel plz express how you feel about this work.. fully done in ae.. uploading the title animation, rounds animation and the end scroll pattern kindly give your valuable suggestions Title animation :: Rounds animation :: endscroll :: thanks
  2. Fred Camino .. really funny hhaha u r so funny i was serious.. yaar.. if u can plz help me.. dont tease plz... sorry
  3. i am not talking abt crowd.. i wanna know abt camera motion and the placement of layers in 3d space,, someone plz provide a sample aep file.. plz thanksssssssssss... arun
  4. hi all hope u all have seen the works of www.belief.com i would like to know whether the whole work of the UPN montage was fully done in after effects... (http://www.belief.com/work/index.php?theme=venice power§ion=work&project=03.Network Packaging&id=04.UPN Network Redesign Pitch.400x300.mov) some of the gr88 experts says its easy and was done in ae only .... are the camera movements done in after effects itself .. ? or is done in 3d software and composited in after effects.. watch out the camera movements in 9 th and 10 th second and from 16- 18 th seconds... 16-18 seconds the camera movements are good and flowy.. if we were to do this in ae.. what all should be animated ???? i would like to know abt these camera movements in ae... can anyone post a sample file of similar camera movements so that we can study more of the camera part.. i tried many times.. but couldnt get the similar effect/ pattern.. ANOTHER IMPORTANT QUESTION. ------------------------------ its regarding the workflow in such projects.. are the layers first arranged in 3d space or is the camera movements done first.. kindly explain experts... someone please post an aep for educational purpose... someone please post an aep for educational purpose... thanks aroonz
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