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    I loved the converse logo animation. Is it hand animated on paper or any other digital technique?
  2. I actually un-distorted the plate with some auto lens distortion and when i export the scene it remains undistorted, so that it cant match the after effects camera. Do i have to set the lens distortion parameter to AE too? Thanks Is Syntheyes that good? I just downloaded a demo and will try it in a while Laundrymat site has corrupted video files, at least to my computer!!!
  3. Hi, I'm about to do my first 3d tracking in order to composite 2d with live action action footage. I tried to use PFTack using their demo but i had some problems when importing it to After Effects. Can anyone suggest an efficient and user-friendly 3d tracking software? My work looks a lot like the finishline spot Digital Kitchen did a couple of weeks ago. Please have a look and tell me what kind of software did they use. http://www.d-kitchen.com/project.php?p=97 [post=http://www.d-kitchen.com/project.php?p=97]http://www.d-kitchen.com/project.php?p=97[/post]
  4. That's a treausure! Your site went straight to my favourites! Thanks a lot
  5. Hi Gray, Can i be in it, too? I'm very honest, although a newbie to expressions.
  6. Indeed. Way too expensive for my budget! I wonder what would be the price for HD footage! Otherwise, that's what i was looking for. Thanks a lot!!! However, some clips are just made from masked brushes on AE! Such a rip-off for 140 $!!! E.g. click here
  7. Thanks, man but i already got that disc. It's great but not really what i'm looking for. I prefer thicker liquids like paint daubs mess or dripping paint, something organic, yet artistic. Got any other suggestions?
  8. I usually use Artbeats Cloud Chambers series but i'm really tired of them and i'm looking for something more like liquid or brush/splatter series. Are there any? Artbeats dont have any as far as i know.
  9. i just love the current trend of using mixing fluids as track mattes to make a smooth a liquid transition used extensively by Buck and Stardust. Does anyone know how i could get stock footage of moving fluids? Thanks a lot
  10. it feels like a new bookmark coming!
  11. keep on posting! you're our no.1 resource link!
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