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  1. You can do your blend in illustrator, and then distribute the shapes to layers. Import as a comp into ae and then do a sequence layers, with as much overlap as you want. This should work smashingly.
  2. Well I just built my computer with the Q6600 processor in it. Unfortunately Windows XP 64-bit is really hard to come by (well that is what the computer dude said), so I got Windows Vista 64 bit, and everything seems to be screaming fast (comparitive to what I had before.) Thanks for all the responses.
  3. That's what I was wondering. I read through all the posts about the Q6600, and they all speak of AE CS3 with it's multi-processing ability. I was just curious if there would be a speed boost or loss using AE 7 without multiprocessing with a 2.4 GHz as opposed to a 3.0 GHz. AE is my main concern, I don't do elaborate enough 3D to justify upgrading for just making the 3D program faster. edit: Is windows really that bad? I have been working with windows and macs my whole career, and really haven't noticed much of a difference between them... except they both have features that I love and hate. Many sights have different benchmarks, and depending on who is running them (mac guy or pc guy) you see different results
  4. Right now I am running a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz system with 2 gigs of RAM for my home system. I use Cinema 4D, but only After Effects 7. Would upgrading to the Q6600 Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz processor help at all with AE? (one would think it would slow down a little...) Or shall I save my moneys until I decide to upgrade to AE CS3?
  5. You guys are awesome...thank you for your replies and critiques So the big issue seems to be the colour palette. I guess that I can say it is my style....I love to work in a tight colour palette. I honestly thought during the process that the colours I was using were working so well....and when I introduced other colours it really seemed to stand out - not in a good way. When I approach a project, I find a feeling and I like to keep the mood. But if it makes the eyes tired, that is a different story . Another problem seems to be the V.O. Which kind of confuses me a little. Besides the fact that I didn't really have control over the selection of the VO, I actually thought it was pretty good (considering the choices that were presented). Can you inform me of what you feel the problem with the V.O. is? As far as the animated reels go, I agree that there is more I could have done with them. Unfortunately I only had about 96 hours for everything to come together. But as I always say, time frame isn't an excuse for sub-par work, design should be good whether you spend one hour or one week on something...the difference should be oomf....
  6. Hi there, after lurking these forums for quite some time now, (and actually getting into some real motion graphics work) I have decided it is time to see what some others think of my work. This video is called "Review & Rate III" and is the third installment of a program in which junior high, and highschool kids watch several anti-smoking commercials and rate which one they think is the most effective at keeping them smoke free, or which one makes them think twice about it if they do smoke already. The video I animated is the introduction to the commercials and explains what the program is all about. The first two installments were live video that I edited and did the graphics for. This year, they wanted a new look, so I came up with a totally animated one. Let me know what you guys think! http://www.visualmktg.com/rr3.html
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