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  1. I'm not pointing any fingers, but greyscale gorilla is partially responsible for this or he gets partial credit as an originator of this trend if you're an optimist...
  2. don't think it's possible to do...it can render them out to one folder and then use spotlight to separate them into folders...or maybe set up an automator function to do it for you? and share with us?
  3. looks like im gonna have to bust out the manual on this one...if i have any more questions i'll ask, thanks again for your help
  4. alright, i got it rigged up nicely for one object, but when i run it the object flickers? anything i may have missed? also i have no idea how to hook up an iterator node to both compare and react to the mathematics...thank you again for your help @mousel i'm doing a animation where about 50 individual tiles are flipping down...animating visibility tags, then clients asking me to retime everything will be c4d suicide...need a more automated version (even if it means me using code)
  5. Hey Friends, So I have a dynamics animation where the dynamics state is triggered on collision...but I want to keep the objects hidden until they are triggered by the dynamics...any of you xpresso wizards know a way to do that... also unrelated note: does anyone notice that mograph loads really slow? might be our internet at work, but it seems like it loads slower than any other page...
  6. Hey everyone if you dont have any plans tonight does anyone wanna meet up at first friday @ abbot kinney in venice? I'm gonna be out there, and although I am not a huge mograph name, I figure there are enough of the good/famous dudes living in/near venice to make it kind of a cool meetup (even if its last minute)...cya guys there if you're gonna go plus there's a ton of food trucks that come and make yummy food for all of us...that should be reason enough
  7. if you find an answer let me know...not coming across as an asshole has been a life goal of mine
  8. Hey everyone, quick question: I have some simple extruded letters that I applied a color material to the caps and a white material to the extrusion in C4D...I want to animate these letters with mograph, so I drop them into fracture objects, switch to explode and connect, and I lose my cap colors (the whole object goes to the white of the extrusion)...anyone know how to get these cap colors back?
  9. http://losangeles3d.eventbrite.com/ Looks like a fun time...anyone else plan on going?
  10. i find its way easier to just open these up in the content browser...the cstools are like premade scene elements that you can add and merge into your scene...
  11. why is it that you can't delete hidden items (like if a group has a few items hidden you cant delete the whole group)? and also why can't you change properties of multiple items at the same time, like opacity? just curious if there are workarounds to either of these...
  12. Anyone know what shop put this one together, with the 3d pieces exploding and reforming text...can anyone shed some light on the process that makes a spot like this possible? I have been a fan of the last few scion commercials, love for someone to shine some light on this for me if possible...thanks
  13. ok yeah I tried my intuos3 to see if it was the tablet itself and it seemed like I was still having the same problem...i think its an ae problem but I don't know why...
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