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  1. What does 64bit have to do with effective use of multiple processors? That makes no sense. The iMac also only uses dual and now a quad core processor, while the Mac Pros offer 8 processors.
  2. Mac based desktop or laptop? If a desktop, why are you looking at external boxes instead of something like the BlackMagic Intensity or Intensity Pro? Both cards are a lot cheaper, and both offer uncompressed HDMI capture (the Pro version mainly adds analog IO options). I don't really know what disk bandwidth you will need. I would presume that you will be capturing to 8bit 4:2:2 YUV of 1080p60, worst case, in which case you will need about 300MB/s. If you do 1080i60 cut that in half. I suppose that HDMI capture would allow you do to 8bit RGB 1080p60, which would double your requirements, but I doubt that is what you would use. If I'm not mistaken, HDMI in the real work isn't used for 10bit capture. Two regular hard drives is probably not enough bandwidth. 3 disks might do it, but 4 would be safer. Take a look at barefeats.com for many Mac raid benchmark tests.
  3. What does Blender's UI problems have to do with OSS? Blender is a lot easier to use now than it was when it was still a commercial product. Don't get me wrong though, Blender sure is difficult (for me at least) compared to Lightwave, 3DS Max (well 3DS Max 2.0 was pretty darn bad), or Softimage 3D.
  4. JDBoyd

    Federico Saenz-Recio

    I really like your reel. However, I hate the web site getting to the reel. First, I had the landing page that does nothing but pop up a window, and I hate having a window be popped up. I'd much rather that you just went straight into the main web site. Then, once in the web site, I think it is silly to basically show nothing but the choice of 4 tabs. Pick one tab and show it by default. I recommend the work tab. Then, on the work page, pick something to show by default, preferably your reel.
  5. As I understand it, the MXO offers a few application specific plugins and also a quicktime plugin, as well as offering a desktop mode to put a mirrored display out the SDI port. Why bother with special plugins if they can't do special tricks? I suspect that the MXO offers a mode that bypasses YUV->RGB->YUV transforms. I mean, what if their quicktime driver would take in YUV, then rather than do a color space transform if just put UYV on the RGB lines, and the MXO then took the UYV off the RGB lines and put out YUV to analog and SDI, and did a color space transform to YUV for the DVI output on the MXO? With a little fancy packing, you could even do 10bit YUV this way. And, for applications that either rely on quicktime to do their processing (as opposed to only IO) or applications with MXO plugins, this could be a way to render the display on the graphics card (in YUV, or in RGB with a shader doing the half float RGB->YUV transform), then output it without an additional trip across the PCI-E bus (which is why Flames include a DVI-Ramp in addition to the AJA OEM card). If I was designing something like the MXO, that is what I would do. Doesn't mean that the MXO does it, but if they don't then what separates them from more generic converters like the Miranda DVI-Ramp or whatever Geffen and BMD call their much cheaper devices? That said, for desktop usage, I would want confirmation that the MXO somehow offers more performance without sacrificing quality than a BMD card before I would spend the extra money. I just wouldn't be too quick to rule out that Matrox is doing something clever to justify the extra cash. Or perhaps I am just naive.
  6. After moving in October, I finally snapped a picture of my new setup.
  7. Owners of Intuos3 tablets can get a similar deal from Wacom. Of course, said tablets come with Elements, so there may be a connection there.
  8. Put the tablet directly in front of your display, with the keyboard next to it. This probably isn't realistic with a MPB on the go, but if at home try using an external keyboard.
  9. JDBoyd

    Reel '08

    I looked at the new reel, then compared it to a saved copy of your previous one. FWIW, I think the new one is a lot stronger.
  10. My first thought was that he wanted the ATM PCI card removed (although I guess you couldn't put one in a Mac Pro anyway). Anyone here ever used ATM networking? It didn't seem as cool to me as FDDI or HIPPI at the time. Just about anything was better than 10mbit ethernet though. Maybe we need a memory lane thread elsewhere.
  11. JDBoyd

    Blender 3D

    Blender tutorials would be great!
  12. JDBoyd

    Reel '08

    In general, I think this could move faster. First, I don't like the catwalk near the beginning. Did you add the text on the back walls in the first shot of this? If so, why keep the other cuts of the catwalk? You have have done something really technically hard on this shot, but it is so bland looking. If you must keep it, could you at least bury it in the middle? Or is there someway that you could edit it to emphasis what you did that is special in this? Second, the jewelry ad at about 27 seconds in. This is one spot that feels like it needs to be faster. I think I would cut the pull back part of that shot. My first thought was to timewarp it to be faster, but then I thought that the pull back feels as smooth as it could anyway. Third, starting at 41 seconds, you have the Gold Class write on. I'd recommend dropping this as well. Fourth, just past a minute, you show a web site operating. That is hard to see at this resolution, and it moves slowly. As a web site it is fine, but it doesn't fit as part of a reel. I would either drop it (do you really need to show web work in your reel)? or else edit the show with some zoomed in pans to follow the action. Finally, the part near the end where the guitarist turns his back to the camera feels redundant since you were showing part of that video earlier. I don't think that it would hurt you at all for this to be shorter, and that if you dropped or changed some of the items I mention that it would be much stronger. I would shoot for closer to 1 minute.
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