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  1. When they started the subscription model, Adobe claimed that it would allow them to focus on things like speed, usability, interoperability and UI tweaks that the pro users really wanted instead of whizz-bang new features that we didn't but the marketing department did. That sounded ok in principle. But what has happened with the re-architecture fracas of AE CC2015, is that we have paid Adobe for software that is bug-ridden and unusable in production. The re-architecture was necessary, and it seems like it was always going to take a long time to get right. But whilst Apple spent all those years doing the same thing re-building FCP, no-one had to pay for it until it was ready. So, guessing that AE 2016 is a stable release that merely fixes the 2015 problems with few new features, we have already paid for the last 12 months dev work, and had very little for our cash for the last 12 months, given that a lot of us still have to use AE2014. We are now in a cycle where we pay for software BEFORE we get it, rather than after.
  2. Am I right in thinking that DNxHD 444 supports Alpha, but not out of After Effects? I'm talking about inside Quicktime not MXF
  3. I haven't looked into it in too much detail, but the fact the only way back into AE is via image sequences sounds like a show stopper for me. DUIK is quite a different thing. It's a script UI Panel that assists in the rigging of IK characters, amongst other things. Compared to 3D or 2D software tools designed for native character animation, it's quite a cumbersome workflow. But if you have the patience and skill, you can achieve some quite nice results, and you get to keep everything in After Effects with all it's other tools, integration and whatnot. There are other IK rigging scripts for AE but DUIK is the most full-featured.
  4. For me personally it's more about me having multiple bases from which I do my own thing. Sometimes I need to be nearer the centre of town.
  5. Right, thanks Robert. Even though the nMP has some aging components, there isn't really anything with that level of CPU / GPU power in such a small form factor.
  6. Yeah, i was hoping I could find something with a bit more punch in the CPU - maybe 6 or 8 core; and a desktop series GPU. But it does look like PC laptops are the only thing that's portable enough. I'm pretty much back to waiting for the next MacPro which I'm not holding my breath for. That could easily be another 12 months.
  7. You mean the RenderPro ? Looks ok but seems like it's integrated graphics only. Shame
  8. Ugh. Say what you like about the speed / price of the nMP, it's smaller and more discreet than anything else I can find so far!
  9. I've been stalling on upgrading my aging Mac Pro for a loooong time now, and the longer I stall, the more I'm drawn towards Windows. Problem is, I could really use the portability of the nMP. I want something I can fit in a bag and carry in and out of town on a train journey with a couple of changes without getting shoulder cramp. I don't follow the world of PC manufacturers at all, so I'm looking into it now. Just figured someone here might already know best?
  10. Someone else's (who knows more about the Foundry software than I do) thoughts here
  11. Adobe is all about the cross-app integration and ecosystem, that's why CC dropped the bundles. I can see how Modo and Mari would integrate well and plug holes within and between PS and AE. Nuke has a quite a bit of overlap with AE so that is less clear, I guess moving forward it would be AE for motion GFX and Nuke for nodal compositing, maybe some of AE's not-very-pro compositing features would be left to die or ported over to Nuke. Trying to shoehorn Nuke Studio into an ecosystem with AE and PP seems kind of untidy to me - like you choose PP if your film is more mography and Studio if it's more VFXy? We're all familiar with the industry from the inside, but VFX is pretty niche in the context of Adobe's 'creativity'. 80% of Photoshop's users probably don't even realise it's possible to paint in 3D.
  12. kitkats

    Long Overdue

    Personally, I didn't find the basketball stuff quite so awful, and I barely noticed that it was splats for mattes. Plexus light trails struck me as a more cliched. Maybe my taste is off the mark, but a second opinion can be helpful so thought I'd mention it.
  13. Will there be any changes now or in the future to the responsiveness and capability of Script UI panels? The scripting community is such a great resource, there's so much inventiveness and niche-filling there that it's a become a really significant 'long tail' than extends After Effects' functionality in so many directions. With these expression calculation improvements, it sounds like a lot of groundwork is being laid that could potentially increase the scope of what scripts can do. I would love to see that happen.
  14. Preview improvements look great. So all Previews are now single-threaded, or what? Kind of makes the base Mac Pro look a lot more appealing than the top model if so! Character animator still looks like a tool for the bottom end of the quality scale, but perhaps there's more to it than meets the eye. If you can expose the events as keyframes without baking every frame, making it a viable way to begin something that can be refined by hand, it'll gain more traction.
  15. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents: Used to use Drupal, made a couple of sites quickly in Wordpress, customised a Cargo template last year and recently tried Squarespace for a few hours. The trouble with Drupal and to a lesser extent Wordpress is that you end up being responsible for all the maintenance. Updating plugins etc may not seem like much hassle, but if you get busy with real work and come back to them 2 years later there can be a backlog of shit you have to figure out and wrangle. With Cargo and Squarespace that's much more handled for you by the providers, as well as ensuring the 'responsive' stuff works - for example Cargo can automatically use a 2x res JPEG on retina screens and as mentioned SS themes are all responsive to different device screens. Although I only tried SS for a short time I already prefer it over Cargo. Cargo has that whole 'community' thing which I just think is a waste of time with Dribbble, FFFound, Behance etc doing it better anyway. Squarespace feels like there is a bigger ambition and development staff behind it, more customisability and more integration with other platforms.
  16. You could either set the Shutter Phase in Comp Settings to a negative number, or add in a second stroked shape that is so big it'll never been seen. Never, as long as you don't animate it into view of course. The shutter phase trick can become slightly unweildy. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9606498/Circle_2.aep.zip
  17. Reckon the Intel GPU might be more of an issue than the screen size, but it should be able to handle PS and AI ok. I've done super simple stuff on my GF's MacBook Air, which was kind of frustrating, but you can develop new habits like using fullscreen mode in PS.
  18. No way is AE getting a major re-write any time soon, or GPU acceleration outside of specific effects (a la RG Universe) or render engines (a la Raytraced 3D). The speed improvements will be down to better, dynamic management of memory and CPU resources and some improvements with expressions; and minor UI / usability changes. There won't be any ubertwirl for a couple of years yet either, and nodes are not even on the map. That's my prediction anyway. That and Project Animal.
  19. I think you may be missing the part about the content itself NOT being scaled alongside UI? By content I mean the pixel content - Viewports in C4D, Comp/footage/layer panel in AE, documents in PS. So that on a 27inch screen, a 100% 1920x1080 comp doesn't take up 2/3 of the screen space. Sure, there's a downside in that you can hardly see individual pixels at 100%, but then we always zoomed in to examine details anyway. In 3D apps, it is just a bigger, more detailed viewport, placing greater strain on the GPU, but I dunno how much. I don't think it's just a gimmick, for these reasons. If there was no native res. pixel content within the applications, I wouldn't be considering one.
  20. I'm reluctant to go bigger than 30" or my head gets tired of swivelling left and right. With the extra detail possible with hiDPI screens, I may want it a bit closer, which is going to make the edges seem further away after a point.
  21. Yeah sure, it's too many pixels at 1:1 but theoretically a Mac Pro can scale the UI of the OS to something less ridiculous. The iMac 5k packs way more pixels into 27 inches after all.
  22. I'm not too concerned about 4K delivery, but I would like to see my HD 1920x1080 comps at 100% without losing most of the UI on my aging 27 inch NEC monitor. So I'm thinking of getting one of the cheapo 4K TN monitors that came out last year, like the Samsung U28D590D. There are other models from Dell, Asus etc that all use the same 3840 x 2160 panel. Is anyone using one of these monitors with OS X ? Does the HiDPI function work well or are OS and application UI's tiny? I don't really want my UI's to end up as small as they do when you simply squeeze 3840 x 2160 pixels into a 28" display. I guess I want the UI's all scaled up with nice crisp fonts, but the AE comp itself to display at 1:1 pixels. Is that how it works? Screenshots welcome.
  23. Holy crap, thanks for pointing that out. I've seen that 'Closed' text but it was always greyed out.
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