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  1. Thanks, that's already working much better.
  2. Hello, I'm working on morphing cow spot shapes into 2 lines of text on a cow. I know how to do this with each individual letter using Illustrator, blending and then sequencing the layers in AE. But, I was curious if there was a way to morph the cow spot into an entire word instead of each letter. When I convert the text to outlines in Illustrator it only seems to like blending one letter at a time. This means I would have to have a separate comp for each letter in AE Also, am I doing this the best way; in Illustrator that is? Thanks, Nick
  3. Has anyone heard of MFA students switching to the shorter MA program during their first year? Is this something you can do in the midst of your studies or must you specify from the onset because of implications it may have with financial aid..etc. I'm just curious because it seems the two programs have very similar curriculum for the first few quarters, and I may have personal reasons to leave after a year and don't want to depart without a degree. Thanks.
  4. Okay, onto something more specific. I'm researching living options at SCAD, not discounting on-campus living. Campus housing appears on par with renting an apartment in Savannah (approx $500/month). So I don't object to the slightly smaller living conditions in a shared apt. that are really offset in my opinion by being near campus, meal plans, computer labs..etc. But i'm open to hearing other ex-graduate students experiences living in campus housing? Where did you live and where do you recommend living? And if you highly recommend avoiding campus dorms/apts. where do you recommend living off-campus? Thanks for all your help.
  5. I was just accepted into Savannah's MFA Motion Graphics/Broadcast Design program. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything specific about this schools curriculum? Good & bad. Thanks.
  6. Can someone please direct me to a tutorial or explain how I might execute the silhouette effect in After Effects (without using the Silhouettefx plug-in). I'm shooting footage of me with a green screen background and want to render myself completely black in my project. This is probably really simple but i'm having trouble finding literature on the internet about it. Any help appreciated, thanks. Nick
  7. This Spring I have the option of taking either a Final Cut Pro class or an After Effects Class?
  8. I'm looking into different certificate programs for motion graphics and have on several occasions come across programs that seem to overlap in terms of motion graphics content. More specifically I often see separate 3D Computer Animation and Digital Video programs in the same school. I'm from Washington DC and I am looking at the Corcoran's certificate programs and was hoping someone could shed some light on the major distinctions between 3D Animation and Digital Video because both seem to have motion graphic course requirements and I don't think you can disregard 3D Animation in the field of motion graphics and at the same time you can't disregard video editing as a great asset in the field as well. Here are links to the specific certificate programs i'm looking at: 3D Animation: http://www.corcoran.edu/continuing/certifi...rtificate_ID=13 Digital Video: http://www.corcoran.edu/continuing/certifi...ertificate_ID=5 Thanks.
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