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  1. if your scene gets pretty heavy the best thing to do is place specific groups of objects onto layers. If you then solo a layer it removes all other objects in the entire file from memory. Hiding objects with the stoplights doesn't speed things up much. Best to use layers.
  2. rock on. 2 people from Utah are flying in. pressure is on Paul!
  3. Maxon is sponsoring so as such they are asking me to video tape the event. So you are in luck!
  4. Hi Mographers. I run the 3DPDX group in Portland and wanted to share this. Besides Paul, we have Nejc Polovsak, freelance 3D artist based in Slovenia EU (twistedpoly.com) in town and some other people from the states as well. Surely you have all seen Paul's headphone spot and breakdown no? He's presenting a NEW breakdown just for the meeting of a new spot he created for Mitre (soccer glove and ball) modeled/textured by yours truly Think about coming up!
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to mention here that I have a C4D render farm that is available for DEDICATED use. Comprised of (10) Boxx 12 core blades w 24 GB ram, and 4 studio towers for a total 150 cores. I created the farm for studio use, but when I don't have a project rendering, it just sits there with nothing to do. Pricing: $150/24hrs - 120 cores. $200/24hrs - 150 cores If you find a better price out there for dedicated use, let me know. They tend to be all over the board. Just note this is dedicated use. No shared servers. I have R13 studio installed and a lot of typical plugins, GSG, Vray, etc. No fancy web interface - just send me your file, I render and send back. I personally manage all the projects. Cheers! Joe joe@sketchbookinc.com
  6. not possible in c4d. bodypaint sucks. hasn't been updated in like 10 years. that said your best bet is to not use the bevel tool. instead cut a loop in the current mesh and then move those edges to create your bevel. will make for a slightly distorted UV map, but that's the best you will get. relax it afterward if you have that option.
  7. current geometry will stay as is, it's only New geometry that you add which will have new UV's. If you use the knife tool on the mesh for instance it just cuts the UV's as well. but if you extrude something, that creates a new UV for each new poly.
  8. @vozzz I'm in Bend, Oregon. 3 hours from Portland. All my work comes from out of town and probably always will. Nobody seems to care much.
  9. Great topic. Sounds like you have found teaching to be something you really enjoy, and as such run with it man. Don't mind the BS about teachers being washouts. Sure there are some, but I think you need to check your ego at the door at don't worry about that crap. Do what makes you happy! I got burned out on graphic design (print/interactive) after 6 years or so, and got into 3d almost by accident about 8 years ago. Was a huge new direction for me, and i feel there is never enough time in the day to learn more. I am not motion designer, but maybe another thing you could do is try to get more into a 3d package and utilize some of those skills to make things fresh/new. I've been doing 3d for 8 years now, and I sometimes even get burned out on the types of projects I have tended to focus on, so i try and switch it up often. I also moved out of the city. I live in a ski/mountain town now and its amazing. Get to mountain bike and ski all the time. Once i decided I didn't need to make a huge name for myself (which is truly pointless), I was content to make a living and spend my free time doing other stuff. Hiking, biking, spending time with the family, etc. Keep us posted on what works bro! Sounds to me you are on the right track, but your ego is getting in the way of true happiness.
  10. i've expected this was going to happen whether the rumors are true or not. have 3 pro towers now, and my next will be a PC I had already decided. Sad in a way, but for 3d, Mac's just can't barely hold their own anymore.
  11. I came into 3d as a graphic designer, and c4d was just super easy to pick up and it's super fast and very powerful for smaller 3d & motion type projects where the 3d is not ridiculous (aka Psyop, the mill, etc). For large scale projects like that it just doesn't cut it. I've been attempting to pick up maya in my free time. I'm more of a strict 3d guy however. i don't call myself a motion designer. That's not to say c4d can't do something I want it to... Things that i am looking for is better integration with the studio's around me, and potentially stronger modeling capabilities. i don't believe the poly modeling to be much (if any) better in Maya, but maya does have true nurbs which helps for some projects. Mental Ray would be great to have as well. I use Vray almost exclusively in c4d, and it's great, but limited. The multi-pass and compositing is tough for higher end animation projects. Passes are not anti-aliased, etc. Also the fact that c4d doesn't have a tree structured material system is annoying. One of the largest problems with c4d as a whole in my opinion. Vray is also hard to cheat in. You can't hide objects from certain lights and do all the fancy trickery that c4d has built in. Mental ray would allow for more robust tweaking to scenes and the compositing is awesome. That said, i think XSI is an even better option as it has some amazing Mograph like ICE abilities, however it's not used much in Portland which is a bummer.
  12. i don't have a great answer, as i am on a mac, but i have a freelancer that uses it on some of my projects. It has a couple nice features like saving out files in such a way where you can tweak your lights in post. that's cool. we had issues with fry not rendering meshes that were not totally perfect. it's a very finicky render engine. overall, in the end i had to take the project i had my guy working on back in house as i just couldn't get what u wanted. maybe user error, but in the end the results i got in vray were better than what he was getting in fry. i think if i had anything that was super tough, like glass materials, or super tight metal textures or closeups fry would shine. the physical accuracy and such is great, but it's rare that anyone needs that type of accuracy.
  13. i think you might be best off taking what you modeled - deleting the front face, rotating the logo horizontal, and then with mograph dynamics dump a bunch of random balls into the shape. it will automatically fill in randomly.
  14. Well, in my case I'm not much of a motion graphics guy. i can't use AE much beyond basic compositing. I do 90% still renderings, and 10% animation, and the animation is full 3d animation typically. One of these days i will invest in learning AE more. sigh
  15. yeah rendering options can be daunting especially if you are trying to fine tune an animation and get render times down. it's an artform. not my specialty. However, in general for stills and if you just want to render something and not worry too much about fine tuning, it's as simple as 1 button. Turn on GI, and off you go. you don't technically have to mess with anything. There are some great step by step pinned discussions from Strat at the vrayforc4d forum which are very easy to follow. newest vrays keep getting better at setting things up for you. if you have the render time on your side, there are options where you don't need a prepass at all. you just crank the settings up per Strat's tutorial, and off you go!
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