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  1. Hey Guys, I know there has to be a way, I just want to figure out what the best and fastest way to do this would be. I have a windows media file, 1080p vc1, about 1 hour long (it's Planet Earth, if anyone's interested). I was wondering if Final Cut Pro takes native vc1 files, and if not, is there any way I can convert it to quicktime without having to convert the WHOLE thing (which would end up being many hundreds of gigs). I basically just want to edit a minute or so of it together.... Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there service or website I can upload a rather large reel (50 megs +) so postential employers can view it? Paid or free, I have let numerous jobs go by because I couldn't send someone a link to my reel. I don't want a full website, mind you, just a hosting servicve... Thank you in advance...
  3. Hi guys, I have a question concerning a client of mine that I've been having trouble getting an invoice payment from. They wanted me to do more work for them on a job that I've been working on, which I have at home. After a month on not getting paid, they finally said that they have cut a check and would like me to continue to work on the project. The problem is, I don't trust them and asked them to have proof that the check was cut. This is where it became hostile. The head manager told me that he would sue me for their assets and that I have their work. This seems strange to me, but is he actually able to sue? I never signed a contract, have done 90% of the work at home, and don't own copies of anything but the work that I have done (eg they have all the original assets). Is he still able to sue, or can I hold out until I get paid? Thanks. - Tim
  4. Try using the Continuously Rasterize switch and scale manually, if the 3d stroke is in a comp. If you make it 3d and pull if forward, you're just making the pixels bigger. Otherwise, probably just have to redo it.
  5. The fedex guy and called, in a muted hurry, telling me that he has the box. The box? What box? Oh, THE BOXX! I ordered this baby about three weeks ago and had forgotten almost completely about it, except in my dreams, which were almost entirely rendered using 8 cores/2-quad processors (like C4D with multi-processor lines barfing up pixels like a drunk frat boy). Enough of the hyperbole. Here's the specs: BOXXTECH, INC. WS DUAL XEON E5310 1.6GHz, 8MB cache, 1.066 GHz FSB (Quad−Core) 4GB FBDIMM DDR2 667 REG ECC (4 −1GB FBDIMMS) NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 256MB 80GB 7,200rpm SATA 8MB Cache USB External Floppy Drive CDRW/DVD Combo Drive 52x24x48x16x 18x Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer 3 Port Firewire 800 (1394b) Adapter Windows XP Professional x64 Edition $400 Off 8300 Workstation with a NVIDIA FX 3500 Video Card (Min: System 2P $4000 Up) The question multifold: 1. Where are the bottlenecks on my system? I have 2 Terragigs SATA external storage, so I'm not too worried about their tiny hard drive. It just has to run Windows. 2. It sounded cool, so I got it (Windows XP x64 Edition). What is it, what does it do, and do any of my programs take advantage of it? 3. What design programs take advantage of multi-core (8 cores here) processing? I read somewhere that Nucleo would help speed up the rendering and previewing. Is that a dumb question? 4. Did I totally get ripped a new asshole for paying 4500 for this much machine? Or was it a good buy? 5. Concerning the context of this machine, where would my next investment best be spent: new video card, more ram, etc... I'm not exactly a tech guy, so talk to me like I'm a 5 year old with his first nintendo game. Or a grandmother learning the internet. Or some other bad analogy. Oh, and I mainly use the layman mograph programs; After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D for intergration, etc. No smoke or flame or forest fire or that kind of shit. Thanks in advance...
  6. any model in particular? after effects is my main baby.
  7. Hi Guys, Here's the deal. I'm leaving for the carrbean in 4 days, need a workhorse computer while I down there that my company is going spring for me. The main progs I use are AE, C4D, and PS. The two models I'm looking at are the Graphic GL X2 Professional from Cyberpower http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/graphic...onfigurator_top and many of the models from Alienware, which all seem a bit overpriced. Here's the one I want: http://alienware.com/product_detail_pages/...ode=SKU-DEFAULT Another question: Is having one Quad-Core Intel Duo 2 better than having 2 Xeons? And if anyone has any other ideas of a computer to buy for under 4 grand, please feel free to offer advice.
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